The great coat rack migration mystery

Better weather today and the birds started to use the feeder. This is a problem in another way as it now exposes the poor quality of my camera for photographing birds.

As long as the weather holds we may be OK for tomorrow.


You can see how much rain we’ve had over the last few days because the Trent has come over its banks atΒ Gunthorpe and is now looking twice as wide as normal. I’m glad we don’t live near the river.

We live on top of a ridge and are fine as far as flooding goes, but the wind can be tricky. About twenty years ago, having left the cat flap open (one of the cats had lost its magnet – again!) we got up to find a snow drift in the kitchen. That’s what happens when you leave a north-facing cat flap open in a blizzard.

I can’t think of much to say. It’s a day for boring admin tasks.

Apart from the birds, the most interesting event of the day was turning up to find the broken coat rack from the kitchen has been moved, and is now next to the recently-broken coat rack in the centre.



Shared premises are always a mystery, but at least it stops us stagnating.

And yes, that wall on the left hand side is made from soil.



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