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Soup and a Senior Moment

In an effort to pick up the pace I’m falling back into old habits. The last post, which was meant to be Saturday’s second post became, after much revision, Sunday’s first post. This is Sunday’s second post and, in a nod to previous bad habits, is being started while I have ten minutes as I wait for a pan of soup to simmer. It’s tomato again, made with onions and tinned tomatoes, water and a stock cube. I could probably do without the stock cube but it’s a habit.

Last night whilst writing the first of three versions of the last post, I discovered that my hearing was actually better than i had thought. My Dad was deaf in one ear so I wasn’t surprised to find my hearing had been worsening on one side for the last few years. recently I noticed it was even worse – it’s OK for most normal purposes, as long a people face me and don’t mutter. A couple of weeks ago it became a lot worse.  After putting my ear buds in the wrong way this morning it became clear that my hearing is not deteriorating, it’s the ear buds. This is a bit like my Dad finding out he was deaf in one ear after buying a stereo and earphones that, according to him, only worked on one side.

It seems that the growing resemblance to my father isn’t confined to looks, attitude and dodgy ears. We also share the same sort of senior moment.

The ten minute alarm just went – will be back after making soup.

It was good soup, though it lacked a bit of seasoning. One tin of tomatoes and one and a half tins of water made it a bit thin and the modest amount of cumin and dried chilli failed to lift it. I will adjust the seasoning next time I make it. It’s a worry that it seemed slightly under-seasoned despite a stock cube. I may be losing my ability to taste. It’s probably part of getting old. It can’t be Covid because I don’t feel ill and everything else tastes normal.

Due to my bad habits, this has actually slipped to a different day, but it’s not too late. Whether it matches up with my list of tasks is a different matter.


Just Chilling Out

Julia is out tonight. It was something she organised a month ago and  I made her go even though she’s worried about leaving me alone.

Her worries are that I may fall over or starve to death. Starve? That set alarm bells ringing. How long is she planning on being away? Only for the evening, it seems. I can’t see that being a problem as I have enough stored fat to last a while. Look at the self-portrait if you don’t believe me. I have what estate agents refer to as an “extensive frontage”.

As for falling over, I have a mobility aid (or stick, as they used to be known) and enough padding not to damage too easily.

However, this isn’t to say that she has nothing to worry about. I may be safe, but it’s not the same as being sensible. Armed with several litres of what Bob Flowerdew calls personal liquid waste I have made a start on reclaiming the garden. We’ve been having trouble with dogs fouling a spot in the corner of the front garden and I’ve decided to fight back. We had an urban fox problem at one time, and did successfully move them on using urine (applied via watering can, in case you are wondering). Direct application isn’t really an option for a front garden in a suburban street.

I’m thinking of this as a kind way of moving them on. Stage 2, if this doesn’t work, is to use a solution of chillis. If I have to escalate to stage 3 I may have to abandon organic solutions and opt for Jeyes Fluid.

I will say no more, as I don’t want this to be used in evidence against me.

While she was out I went shopping for tea, which was Heinz Tomato Soup with a cheese and spiced shallot sandwich. It’s not the last word in healthy eating, but Heinz Tomato Soup is almost a medicine so I think I’m OK, particularly as I had an orange, a banana and a chocolate rabbit afterwards. The rabbit was half price – so it’s a vegetable and it’s a bargain.