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Three Posts – One Day

Everything seems to have gone well today. I managed not just one post, not even just two posts, but three. Well, I will have done by the time I finish this one.

The procrastination went badly, as I booked the car in for service, rang for a prescription, signed some legal documents, spoke to my sister and started a letter I’ve been putting off for a while. I must start working on that again.  Unfortunately I didn’t do all the writing or researching I wanted to do, but something had to give. I did cook baked eggs for breakfast and did avocados for lunch, in addition to some washing up and exercises and something else I was going to list. Unfortunately |I have forgotten the last one. But I did do it, so I haven’t been entirely idle.

Just remembered that I was supposed to be renewing a subscription to a poetry magazine too. Does a poet’s labour never end?

It was internet shopping, that was what I couldn’t remember. Even though I’m getting quicker it still takes me the best part of an hour to plan and do. Compared to the hour plus that it used to take me when I did the shopping in person, it’s actually a nett saving in time. I also don’t use the car, don’t buy sweets or magazines and don’t by random foodstuffs because they catch my eye. Despite the drawbacks with substitutions and such, it’s probably more efficient. The only problem is that you tend to get into a rut and eat the same thing every week if you aren’t careful. I remember being told this several years ago – people just press the button to repeat the same order week after week and their diet becomes much less varied. This is considered a bad thing as it limits the range of nutrients you are taking in.