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A Tried and Trusted Formula

I’m all out of ideas so I’m falling back on the old stand-by – nature photographs and a cute seal.

The seal did its part, but the camera work could have been better. The need for better camera work is a contiuing feature of this blog.

Here’s a selection of dragonflies, or damsel flies. I’ve not been doing too well at identifying them this year. I must do better in the coming year. But you’ve heard that before, haven’t you?


It’s an orchid at Strumpshaw Fen – not sure what sort – sorry

Must do better on flower ID too.

I do have some proper subjects to blog about, but I’m just varying the pace for a day or two. That sounds feasible, I think…

Some Photos

Here, courtesy of Julia, are the seal photos that should have been in the last post. She downloaded them onto a flash drive, then added her Pied Wagtail photo. Of course, as soon as I returned from running No2 Son to work I tested the camera again and it worked. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?


Seal at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire



Seals at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire


Pied Wagtail at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire


Seals at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire


Seal at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire



Redshank at Donna Nook, Lincs



Promising Much, Delivering Little…

I had so much planned, but it is not to be.

A year ago I delivered a pale shadow of what I promised, when I forgot to take my card and could only take 30 photos.

This year, pockets bulging with cards and batteries, I took several hundred photographs. There are some really good ones there, but unfortunately you’ll have to take my word for it because my camera won’t communicate with the computer and the card reader on the computer is, to say the least, erratic.

For now you will have to look at the ones from last year.

We had a good day out, despite threatened storms, rain, fog, an idiot in a high-vis jacket and a hacking cough.

We also had fish and chips.

As days go, it was pretty good, and it isn’t over yet.


Reeling in the Years

I’ve just been looking at the early months of 2017 on the blog. I seem to have had a much more interesting life in those days, though I did have more spare time, which probably helped. Annoyingly, I also seem to have been a better writer and proof reader.

That gave me the idea for the title, and sent me off to You Tube for an hour or two of nostalgia interspersed with cooking, picking Julia up and checking eBay.

That’s the trouble with the internet – always so much distraction.

I have put the leftover curry in the fridge (for my lunch tomorrow), made the tomato and vegetable sauce for the pasta bake and am currently roasting chicken and vegetables. I keep meaning to take photos but I always forget.

We were planning on seeing the seals at Donna Nook this week, but the weather forecast for Wednesday is looking bad – high winds and rain. We may leave it another week. I actually wrote a second post about the seals last year.

Loking at last November I’m struck by how little we are now doing, and, at the same time, how much remains the same.

I also need to know how to search my own site, instead of searching entire months for infornation. Does anyone know?




Donna Nook – Seals (1)


Donna Nook Seal Sign

Julia expressed a wish, many years ago, to “see the seals” while we were in Norfolk one summer. We didn’t manage it that year, and various things like work and children ganged up on us, meaning we didn’t actually manage it any year. Finally, whilst compiling my modest bucket list, I had a look on the internet. Having frittered away the first half of the year with hospital visits I thought we’d missed the chance for this year. Imagine my surprise when I found that Grey Seals came ashore to give birth in November. I mean, there are twelve months in a year and it seems to me that at least six of them would be better suited to lying on a beach giving birth.

Having established that there were seals at Donna Nook (including 154 pups counted on Saturday) and that the day was going to be nice we went to bed on Sunday night with a plan in mind. Part of the plan was to take Number One Son to the station for 7.00am and another part was to remove my camera card from the card reader and put it in the camera before setting off.

I believe those last three lines are what is known as “dramatic foreshadowing”.

At 6.00 the alarm went. I oozed into a passable impression of action and by 6.45 was in the car and on my way to the station with Firstborn.

He checked his phone and muttered something. It seemed he was checking how much he was going to have to pay to upgrade his ticket, and he hadn’t liked the answer. The choice seemed to be pay £45 or wait for a later train and be late for work. To be fair, last time he did the journey he booked the upgrade in advance and it only cost £6. It’s not a bad way to run a business, charging people £45 extra just to travel at a convenient time.

And that was how we ended up travelling to North Lincolnshire via Leeds.

It was a lovely day, and we saw deer grazing in the fields by the side of the M1, so it wasn’t a total waste. I will leave you here, with a video of seals, and continue the story later.