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In which I enter the Twittersphere…

I’m on Twitter now in a self-seeking effort to publicise the project. I’ve been on for a while but really concentrated on button pressing this weekend, following people who run care farms, are local or are into the same sort of things that we are. I have moved from 14 followers, which was where it had been for months, to 283 though I am not sure some of them should be allowed access to a keyboard.

The problem is that after I hit 2,000 follows in the selfish hope of being followed back, I found that I couldn’t follow any more. So if anyone out there wants to follow me, feel free, but it may take a while until I can follow you back. The address is @QuercusCommy. They don’t let you have enough letters for a proper name.

The trouble is that they say you get more followers if you put a picture of yourself in the profile. That’s OK for normal people but I have a tendency to look grumpy at the best of times, and downright homicidal from some angles.

One of the kindest things that was said in the discussion was “Can I have a copy of that one, I want something to scare the kids away from the fridge.”

My hair and beard have grown a little since then and it now looks like my stuffing is leaking so I’m going to have a tidy up and get some new photos. In the meantime I’ll see if the followers keep coming when I have the picture up. I currently have 285 so they haven’t stopped yet.


I think the books in the background make me look like an intellectual, My wife points out that both Dr Crippen and Buck Ruxton were well-educated, but you still wouldn’t want either of them as the public face of your business.

That’s @QuercusCommy – read about my boring life as it happens…