In which I enter the Twittersphere…

I’m on Twitter now in a self-seeking effort to publicise the project. I’ve been on for a while but really concentrated on button pressing this weekend, following people who run care farms, are local or are into the same sort of things that we are. I have moved from 14 followers, which was where it had been for months, to 283 though I am not sure some of them should be allowed access to a keyboard.

The problem is that after I hit 2,000 follows in the selfish hope of being followed back, I found that I couldn’t follow any more. So if anyone out there wants to follow me, feel free, but it may take a while until I can follow you back. The address is @QuercusCommy. They don’t let you have enough letters for a proper name.

The trouble is that they say you get more followers if you put a picture of yourself in the profile. That’s OK for normal people but I have a tendency to look grumpy at the best of times, and downright homicidal from some angles.

One of the kindest things that was said in the discussion was “Can I have a copy of that one, I want something to scare the kids away from the fridge.”

My hair and beard have grown a little since then and it now looks like my stuffing is leaking so I’m going to have a tidy up and get some new photos. In the meantime I’ll see if the followers keep coming when I have the picture up. I currently have 285 so they haven’t stopped yet.


I think the books in the background make me look like an intellectual, My wife points out that both Dr Crippen and Buck Ruxton were well-educated, but you still wouldn’t want either of them as the public face of your business.

That’s @QuercusCommy – read about my boring life as it happens…


5 thoughts on “In which I enter the Twittersphere…

  1. angelaterese13

    Love your sense of humor – I’m not sure why I have a Twitter account as I don’t use it much. FB is my thing, too. Glad you’re posting about your “boring life.” To me, it’s pretty interesting – I’ve always been interested in other people’s worlds, though…

  2. lola gayle

    I stay away from Twitter. Was responsible for the Twitter account of my last employer and I just hated it. Once we could add images in every post, it got a tiny bit tolerable. Now, even though I’m not really working (only on a volunteer basis), I still have so many FB and other social media accounts to keep up with for different projects that I can’t fathom adding another. Maybe someday. Maybe.

      1. lola gayle

        My other half “The Man” has no social media and spends no time on the internet except for cartoons and gaming videos on YouTube. Everyone thinks he’s soooo stupid for being an offline person. I say he’s the smartest person I know for not getting sucked in…like me. My personal FB is my life! LOL

      2. quercuscommunity

        I wish I had the self-control to stay off-line and get back to proper reading. Even without Facebook and the rest I still find ways to waste time…

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