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Crepuscular rays at Rufford Park

The Human Condition

I woke this morning and, my first thought was how dark it looked. Rain is forecast and the whole day is looking gloomy.

Then I thought of the building collapse in Florida, which, to be honest, I had not thought about for days. That is the very definition of horror and tragedy to me – you are at home, where you expect everything to be safe, and suddenly it collapses. A week later, people like me have mainly forgotten.

The same, of course, applies to other, similar collapses. It’s only a couple of months ago that a building collapsed in Gaza, though that was caused by air attack rather than by accident. I’d forgotten about that too.

I’m not sure if it is just me, because I took a decision not to watch the news some years ago, or whether it’s a true for other people too. Am I so callous that this sort of thing passes me by, or are all humans made the same way? If I were to be honest I would say that I have enough to worry about without taking on the worries of other people too.

According to one report, 56 children were killed in Gaza by Israeli bombing. That’s the equivalent of roughly two classes of kids, or four junior rugby teams, who are now dead. If they were from Nottingham I would be very upset about it. If they were in America, I wouldn’t be surprised, or particularly upset, because school shootings happen and unless someone British is shot they don’t usually make our news. In the Middle East I’m never surprised what they do. I gave up trying to follow the politics years ago and as discussing it puts me in danger of appearing anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic I am going to leave it there.

Meanwhile, it’s likely that around 1,900 children will be killed or seriously injured in road accidents in the UK this year. I didn’t even think of that until I started to write this post. We all have cars, so 1,900 kids are clearly an acceptable loss compared to bus travel.

So, callousness, ignorance, insularity, selfishness or a defence mechanism? Why is it that we don’t bother about these things? Or is it just me?


A Rant at Modern Life

I’ve just been watching the news. It seems that “news” is a report of Dame Judy Dench eating 100 Maltesers as part of the Captain Tom 100 Challenge, a report from a woman who nearly died of Covid, but didn’t, and a report about a Covid memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral.

None of that, to me is news. It’s entertainment or current affairs.

Sport pulling out of social media is news, though I’m cynical about how it will work out. And someone drowning in the Thames whilst attempting to save a woman who fell in, is also news. It’s very selective news though, with a narrow focus on the man who drowned, and not on the man who also jumped in but didn’t drown.

There are plenty of options for rewarding this sort of bravery, including medals of the Royal Humane Society. In 1882 the Assistant Manager of London’s Lyceum Theatre dived into the Thames in an attempt to save a man from drowning. He was given the bronze medal of the society, though he’s better known for something else. He wrote Dracula.

Sorry if I seem a little cynical at the moment but I’ve just been dealing with some paperwork relating to my dad’s probate. I have just seen a life reduced to numbers and his wife of  62 years described as a tenant in common. As the icing on the cake there is a monitoring form at the end, asking if I, amongst other things, am black or white and whether I consider myself to be disabled. There are questions about gender too. I didn’t understand them.

It’s a waste of time effort and trees. Even if you do find that Death is racist, homophobic and doesn’t like cripples, what are you going to do about it?

And who thought it was appropriate to attach the questionnaire to the probate papers?

Seems Like Monday Morning

It’s dark, it’s cold and enthusiasm is low…

There is more than a hint of Monday morning about the place despite it being Wednesday and on TV there is little to brighten the day.

Politicians are talking about Brexit.

The McCann case has been given another £150,000 to pay for detectives. The total cost for police time is now, it seems, £11.75 million. I think it’s now time to redirect resources.

England is doing badly at cricket at the moment, though this isn’t too unusual.

And then we have the 70th birthday of the Prince of Wales. I’m not sure whether I approve of royalty or not. I do, however, know that some of his favourite foods are pheasant crumble and groussaka (moussaka with grouse). 

This is typed using the new WP editor. I never really mastered the old one, so let’s see what sort of a mess I make of it now.

And it’s not even 9.00 am yet…

Sunday Morning Catch Up

I haven’t been particularly fluent in the last week and I’ve missed a few things out.

The anti-coagulant blood test came and went. They managed to get the blood first time and the next appointment is in two weeks time so things are back on track. I’m hoping to extend the interval so I only need monthly tests. I know someone who has quarterly tests, which would be even better.

We went to the farm on Friday, as I mentioned and found that Evie the sheep dog had died at the weekend. The general view is that she had eaten poison, though I’m not sure where she would have found any as all the rat poison round the place is put out properly in bait boxes. It’s not the best run farm but they do get that right.

She was bred to herd sheep, and as I mentioned when she first arrived she immediately tried to herd the Quercus group, but she was never properly trained and I’m not sure if she had a fulfilled life or not. She didn’t seem overly happy at times, which is a shame.


The new puppy

The men in sheds were saying how good my bread was on Friday. This isn’t linked to any proper measure of quality, they just used to like getting free bread when I was practising and made too much. I said I didn’t bake these days as the kneading plays havoc with my arthritis. Next thing I knew I was being offered healing.

I’m not much of one for faith healing and that sort of thing, and was prepared to feel no benefit, but can’t say that was the case. There may have been some improvement for a couple of days, but it might just be wishful thinking. The jury is out, but I’m certainly not going to dismiss it. The improvement may show more about my imagination than about my arthritis, but even an imaginary improvement is worth having.

Then on Saturday I met a paranormal investigator. You’ll have to come back later for details, as I need to get down to the launderette now. Suffice to say that if I had doubts about healing…