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A Valuable Lesson

I learnt a valuable lesson yesterday when my computer warned me that it was about to run out of battery. I plugged the charger in but the message persisted.

Then the computer went blank.

The first lesson is that when your computer charger starts making funny noises don’t ignore them. They don’t go away and it will eventually stop working. I ignored it for months. It didn’t get any worse, to be fair, but it didn’t improve either.

Of course, to a man who has all his passwords listed and who uses a variety of back-up methods, this is not a problem. You just borrow a laptop from your wife and carry on.

I have my WordPress passwords listed at the back of my diary. My 2014 diary. As you may have guessed from previous posts, I’m not the sort of man who would know where to find his 2014 diary.

As for storage, that’s something other people do. It’s like parachute jumping, I know the theory but I’m content to leave it to other people.

Fortunately, after a night of not being able to access my account, I am now able to run the computer using a borrowed charger.

I am chastened but, to be honest, no better organised.

It’s nice to be back.

Whilst writing, I have noticed that the ability to save posts has returned.

Things are looking up.

Low Cunning and Bidding on ebay

Last week I bid £120 on a medallion. I’ve already had a discussion on thrift, common sense and my sanity with Julia, so we’ll gloss over that. My defence is that collecting is a mental condition rather than a hobby.

It’s like the one in the header picture but the reverse has the coat of arms of Skegness. The one in the picture is the commoner one with the coat of arms of Lincoln on the reverse.

There is a picture of the Skegness medal and much other material here.

I didn’t get it, and was annoyed to be the underbidder to a winning bid of £122. I was a bit shocked to be honest, as I really thought it should only be £80 – £90. The extra was the safety net to ensure I got it.

Ah well, some you win and some you lose.

Then it immediately reappeared for sale, using the same photographs, but this time with a reserve. Curiouser and curiouser as they say. Well, Alice said it in Wonderland, and there’s a lot in ebay that reminds me of life through the Looking Glass.

I watched it. I considered writing to ask what was happening. I thought of reporting it to ebay, because it looked like someone had bid it up and bought it back themselves by accident. Such things have been known, though I can’t say for sure. I can only say that I was suspicious, and that there were certain indications that this was the case.

Anyway, I didn’t bid. I watched, I compared the bidders with the bidders on the previous “sale” and I waited. Eventually I decided what to do and put a bid on it. Someone outbid me. It was the same bidder that had outbid me last time.

This was where my low cunning came in.

I bid again, just another £2.

They bid again and outbid me again.

But, I think they got the message – that there would be no big bid this time – and they didn’t bid again when I added an extra couple of quid. After all, how many times do you want to buy your own stuff back? It gets expensive when you have commission to pay.

Nobody else bid either and I closed the sale at £87. It’s enough, but it’s £33 cheaper than I bid on the previous one. Assuming my earlier suspicions were justified I’d like to think of it as both a result (better price) and a lesson (greed doesn’t pay).