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Day 21

Group dynamics are a difficult thing but it’s noticeable that Friday afternoon, when the owner and I are on our own in the shop, is more productive and relaxing than most other days. We’ve known each other for over 30 years (he is more sociable than I am and came over to introduce himself at an antiques fair we were both standing at Granby Halls) and it’s a bit like being married – as long as I do what I’m told it all goes well.

Granby Halls was demolished 20 years ago, how time flies. I’ve just looked it up and am amazed by how historic it was – I’d have taken more notice of it if I’d realised. If you have read the article behind the link you will now know what me, Mick Jagger and Sir Oswald Moseley have in common.

This isn’t to say that we don’t get on when all three of us are in, but it’s different. Personally, we have no problems, but I don’t feel we work as well as we could do as a group. When there are two of us we work as boss and peasant and it all goes quite well, as I see my role as doing what I’m told and being paid for it. With an extra person there, we seem to lose focus. He’s not yet been beaten down sufficiently by life to take on the roll of a peasant.

Shakespeare £2 coin – comedy. I put it in here because I fulfi8l the role of Fool to the owner’s Lear, though I don’t actually call him Nuncle. NOt that Lear is a comedy, but I thought the hat and rattle fitted here.

One of the things that influences my attitudes to groups is that I’ve been fortunate to be in some good teams over the years – nearly always by accident, as they seem to form and then become successful without a lot of talk or planning. The key thing, I think, is that “a star team will always outperform a team of stars“. Once you’ve been in a good team it becomes easier to become part of another.

I’ve also been in one or two bad teams over the years , such as the rugby club committee where the Chairman eventually fell out with us and resigned, taking the post protectors with him. We had to run round and borrow a set for Saturday. If I were writing a play about a dysfunctional Rugby League team I wouldn’t dare include that in the script because it’s so hard to believe.

Shakespeare £2 coin – history

Dancing in the Rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
Vivian Greene

We’ve had rain today, and plenty of it. Compared to yesterday, which was like a misplaced June day, we have had November come early.


I’ve churned out more paperwork, sent out more newsletters, pressed a small amount of juice as a demonstration (though the washing up afterwards was still full scale), added some apple pictures to our new webpage (I live on the edge, don’t I?) and arranged a refund from ASDA. I’ve also developed a hatred of internet shopping. Actually, that’s not true; I’ve reinforced my hatred of internet shopping.

Two weeks ago I ordered some air fresheners with the cafe shopping. I didn’t want them but some other centre-users appear to have more sensitive noses than I do. At no time did the internet site inform me that they came without refills. Last week I ten had to order refills – they fit all Air Wick fresheners according to the internet. All except mine…

Anyway, because I’d left it four days I couldn’t do it via the web and had to ring them. I spent 13 minutes waiting to be connected to someone who couldn’t hear me because we had a poor connection. The customer service desk at ASDA Newark failed to live up to its name when nobody picked up the phone. Finally I got someone at my third attempt. They proved to be efficient but overly friendly. I know it seems harsh, but I can do without it.

Group dynamics have been interesting today, with a new member of the group joining us from a local school. He doesn’t have learning difficulties, more family issues< and although he like the farm, having been here before, he was finding the group a bit wearing, particularly as he wants to get on and get some work done. The others mostly accepted him, but one of them didn’t like someone else being the centre of attention. Cue tears.

That’s how it goes. Most of the progress we make is by taking people out of their comfort zone and this is one way to do it.

At least it diverted attention from last week’s big news – that Social Services expects four of the others to share a taxi. When the original two were joined by a third last year they didn’t like it. Now that they’ve been joined by a fourth, they are all complaining about him. Well, they were last week. This week they were distracted by someone new.

So we’ve all had to adjust, as I’ve had to admit that internet shopping is here to stay, and it does beat going out after work to shop. I’m sure I can get used to it, and if it isn’t quite as romantic as dancing in the rain, I can still adapt to modern ways at my age.