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Bad Back Blues

I woke up this morning…

That was as good as it got. Having gone to bed early I woke after six hours, visited the bathroom, thought about getting up, decided that 5.45 was too early and went back to bed.

At some point between then and 7.00  something happened to my back that rendered me unable to stand upright and deprived me of most of the strength in my left leg.

It was not a good start to the day, which worsened when I overbalanced in the kitchen, found it tricky to get out of the car and, finally, found myself unable to get out of my chair to serve customers. It was painful and embarrassing.

Julia rang me in the afternoon in answer to my anguished text messages, and agreed that a takeaway was in order and that she would sort out the hot water bottle for me.

As I put the phone down I realised the pain had gone. I don’t know if it was coincidence or whether Julia cured me, but next time I’m ill I’ll be giving her a ring before I do anything else.

It has been a very strange day.



I struggled manfully with cold all day. “Manfully”, in this context means sniffling, sneezing and whining.

I also took a relaxed attitude to work, looking a few things up, taking some photos and dealing with customers.

On the way back from work I stopped off at Sainsbury’s, parked, decided to listen to the chapter end of my audio book, and fell asleep for 45 minutes. Considering I was in bed for 14 hours last night I was surprised I needed more sleep.

After taking pills and eating a large helping of fish pie I am now feeling quite good. Naturally I am trying to conceal this from Julia as she seems happy serving me with cups of tea and stuff. It would be unkind of me to deprive her of the feeling of virtue that comes from looking after me.

The man who parked on our forecourt yesterday seems to have taken the hint and parked outside his own house. As he can’t park on the road he is blocking the footpath. Some people really don’t have much consideration for others.

I’m now deliberating whether to go to bed early (it’s 9.45) just just fall asleep in the chair. The chair is favourite, as I stand a chance of Julia waking me up with a cup of tea,