Bad Back Blues

I woke up this morning…

That was as good as it got. Having gone to bed early I woke after six hours, visited the bathroom, thought about getting up, decided that 5.45 was too early and went back to bed.

At some point between then and 7.00  something happened to my back that rendered me unable to stand upright and deprived me of most of the strength in my left leg.

It was not a good start to the day, which worsened when I overbalanced in the kitchen, found it tricky to get out of the car and, finally, found myself unable to get out of my chair to serve customers. It was painful and embarrassing.

Julia rang me in the afternoon in answer to my anguished text messages, and agreed that a takeaway was in order and that she would sort out the hot water bottle for me.

As I put the phone down I realised the pain had gone. I don’t know if it was coincidence or whether Julia cured me, but next time I’m ill I’ll be giving her a ring before I do anything else.

It has been a very strange day.


20 thoughts on “Bad Back Blues

  1. arlingwoman

    What a terrible day. I’m glad it got better mysteriously and fast. As for commenting, it seems that something with a new version of my browser (Safari, for those of you who might wonder) keeps me from remaining signed in and I have to manually sign in on a lot of blogs, but not all (the .com ones??) Anyhow, it’s mostly working now, provided this goes through…Glad you’re better, Quercus.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Bad Back Blues? You need to write a song, Quercus!

    I hope they can figure out what happened to your back. Sounds like a pinched nerve. Here I would go see my chiropractor if that happened to me. I had something like that happen to me once as a cross-country runner back in high school. A stretch of the course went downhill (on a paved road), and I found myself losing sensation in my left leg. It got worse, but I managed to crawl across the finish line. After sitting a while, the feeling came back in the leg. Never happened again.


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