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Ginger, jars and jam

We’ve cleaned our polytunnel, taken a few final cuttings, caught up with some jobs that have been hanging around and done a final collection in the farm tunnel. I also took the opportunity to make ginger in syrup and wash around 50 recycled jars and bottles.

Obviously when I say “around 50” I mean 43, but it sounds better.

I’ve also made ginger in syrup.

The recipe is from the October issue of Home Farmer. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t chase women. (That’s not really a choice, as I’m too slow to catch any, but I thought I may as well include it.) The one vice I do admit to is buying magazines on the strength of their glossy front covers. They are often a disappointment but they don’t leave me out of breath or lying in the gutter, which is more than can be said for some of my former activities…

I’m not sure what the copyright situation is regarding recipes, but I’ll stick it up on my recipe page, add my comments and see what happens. It’s quite a simple recipe compared to some on the internet, and the results look quite respectable.

This post was over 800 words with the recipe and words of wisdom on how not to burn your hand with molten jam; it’s now a more manageableĀ length (around 240) and people who want a ginger recipe or a discourse on jam burns can go to the recipe page.


Progress, phythalis and pizza

The weather is returning to spring after a short diversion back into winter and things are looking up.

Teachers seem to be springing into life too and we have quite a few bookings in the pipeline, though it’s never quite as simple as it should be, as they all think that we have unlimited days available at their convenience. Having already had to wave goodbye to one booking I don’t want to see any more disappear, particularly as they are all schools who haven’t visited before. We have a 95% rebooking rate so it’s important to get people down here, both for the experience and for the repeat business. I may be in a touchy-feely profession at the moment but it doesn’t mean I can ignore business reality.

Just checked my figures – it’s actually 94.4%. Better be accurate when there’s teachers about.

Even the Cape Gooseberry (which has so many other names) seeds have finally started to break through after a worryingly long germination. The three year old plants are coming back to life too, with a few flowers already showing.


The kiwi berries are looking full of fruit after a three year wait so this year could be a really good year for odd fruit.


I’m starting a proper cuttings diary after last year’s debacle. It was my own fault for not paying attention so simply keeping a diary should help by making me focus properly.

Finally, a picture of pizza. It’s like cats, people always seem to like pictures of cats and pizza. I’m working on getting the two together but in the meantime here’s a picture of pizza – lovingly crafted by a group of 6-year-olds.