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Cobwebs and raindrops

First, yes, I know the water droplets come from fog, but I’ve substituted accuracy for sound in the title. I would say euphony, but I’m trying to avoid coming across like Stephen Fry.

Today, after a misty journey, the verges of the lane were lined with moisture enhanced cobwebs. When I see these it always takes me back to 1964 when I used to go to a village school in Lincolnshire where nature study was a regular feature. That’s where I first remember seeing moisture droplets on cobwebs. It was a magical experience then, and, fifty two years later, it still is.

That’s enough reminiscing – here are the photos from the garden.

It’s not the easiest subject – autofocus and a simple camera can produce some random results. At times like this I long for slightly more control over focus and depth of field.


I’m now off to make salt dough. It’s a varied life!