Cobwebs and raindrops

First, yes, I know the water droplets come from fog, but I’ve substituted accuracy for sound in the title. I would say euphony, but I’m trying to avoid coming across like Stephen Fry.

Today, after a misty journey, the verges of the lane were lined with moisture enhanced cobwebs. When I see these it always takes me back to 1964 when I used to go to a village school in Lincolnshire where nature study was a regular feature. That’s where I first remember seeing moisture droplets on cobwebs. It was a magical experience then, and, fifty two years later, it still is.

That’s enough reminiscing – here are the photos from the garden.

It’s not the easiest subject – autofocus and a simple camera can produce some random results. At times like this I long for slightly more control over focus and depth of field.


I’m now off to make salt dough. It’s a varied life!

14 thoughts on “Cobwebs and raindrops

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Beautiful photos of the spider webs. The recent rain here also collected on the bird netting over our grapes, making them look like large droplet covered spider webs.

  2. C thehappymeerkat

    Seeing water droplets on cobwebs is indeed magical, for me too. They look almost like clear pearls, I’m not a fan of cobwebs, as I’ve often walked into one in the dark :o, but they do look magical when the water has formed :).


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