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Help! I need a biographical note!

It’s looking more and more like I’m going to have to write a biographical note for some of my submissions. The next question is, what should I say.

“Simon Wilson doesn’t like writing biographical notes and thinks it’s none of your business.” is probably not going to win many friends.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what makes a good biographical note? I have several other variations in mind, though they are all variations on a theme.

I’m also trying to work in a reference to the bun being on the top shelf (it’s a high bun) or a line of people on a mountaintop (a high queue) but I’m struggling to make it look seamless.

Then of course there is the picture. Do I take a picture of me as I am now, with the look of a rough sleeper, or do I shave my head and trim my beard and risk looking like the simple cousin of Ming the Merciless?

I don’t even know why they want them, as several magazines point out – these things take space where they could be printing poetry.

Added to that, I’ve done nothing interesting, don’t have  a degree or an interesting job and don’t believe a list of previous publications is relevant to my next poem.

All in all it’s not an easy question.

Study Number 1 - The Idiot

Study Number 1 – The Idiot