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Well, I managed 220 days, but then my computer died. I am trying not to take it personally but can’t help feeling that it died of boredom. I really should try to become more entertaining.

There was no warning. I left it, had my tea, watched a little TV and pottered back into my library, where the computer is installed on my desk. Or, to be more accurate, I pottered back into the dining room where my computer sits on our dining table, amongst various piles of papers.

The screensaver was stuck. I had to switch off and start it again. It was blue, which is never good news. I tried everything I could (mainly prodding a few buttons and hoping) but it remained broken. This is still the situation. This post is being typed on an ancient borrowed laptop.

The full story of my technological incompetence will probably never be revealed. My full catalogue of ineptitude is, I hope, going to remain under wraps. But my hatred of the 21st Century will be reported in full.

An example? To use this computer, I have to put up with notices from Spotify and Microsoft about doing things to get full access. Why? All I want to do is use a computer, I don’t need outside help. Similarly, when I tried to download Apache Open Office it won’t let me. I need the permission of the Administrator, as it calls Number One Son. He can’t give permission, because he’s forgotten the password and I, as a result, can’t do any word processing.

It shouldn’t be like that. We¬† paid for these computers, we should be allowed to use them.