Last night when I tried to write the blog,  I couldn’t put anything together. Once I had announced the less than enthralling news that it was unseasonably cold (or record-breakingly hot in southern Europe – they are taking all our heat) and that I have booked my Covid booster, I ran out of steam and couldn’t come up with anything else to say.

Today is little better, despite my lack of inspiration in the matter of a title. I slept for three and a half hours last night.  Then I slept for two more hours. Then one. Strangely, after getting up and having breakfast, I was able to sleep in my chair for another hour and a half.  Why am I able to sleep so easily in a chair in full daylight when I have such difficulty sleeping through the night in a bed designed for such things? It is a mystery.

It’s also a mystery why I can think of subjects for blogs and poetry when I’m sitting in the car, but all such thoughts desert me as I sit in front of the screen.  What I need is a degree in psychology and a nice big research grant. The only problem is that with my propensity for timewasting and random internet use I’d end up with one of those click-bait articles that says “Scientists Discover New Way to Brew Tea.” or even one of these. Number Seven is interesting, Number Eight is bizarre and Number Five, frankly, makes me wonder about the sort of people who take up medicine.

Meanwhile, I can reveal that there is a lot of bird activity in the garden – manly pigeons, It looks like it’s a good year for pigeons. Several times I’ve looked out to see three pairs in different parts of the garden, many of them performing impressive feats of balance whilst ensuring the continuation of the species. It is definitely Spring, despite the temperature.

15 thoughts on “Spring.

  1. Helen

    Yes, definitely spring despite the weather. I marvel at the ability of nature to carry on regardless. The sage will be flowering soon and I haven’t even picked any yet – only seems about a week since it recovered from winter!

  2. Clare Pooley

    You appear to be on good form this evening. Your link made me wonder if anyone got paid to research all that stuff or if it was done in someone’s free time. If they got paid for it, you could be onto a winner there! Hilarious!


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