Same Old . . .

I’ve been looking into all this security and stuff that goes on these days when you try to give some of your own money to your children.

First, Number One Son was told he was on a list of people with suspected terrorist links. This was  bit of surprise as he couldn’t remember any terrorist links. However, it wasn’t a problem, as all he needed to do was write and sign a note saying that it wasn’t him, just someone with the same name. That’s a really robust anti-terrorist system isn’t it? I said that when the solicitor submits the bill he should send it back with a note saying it wasn’t him.

Now I have been sorted out by the use of technology. I’m told I appear on  register of bankruptcies and need to address this problem. I have asked why I need to do anything, as it clearly isn’t me, just a coincidence of a couple of parts of my name with that of someone else. I’ve already covered that. Just to keep things going, I have signed the obligatory letter saying it isn’t me, though it did take three attempts for them to send me the correct link. I actually hate myself for doing it, but I have better things to do with my time. Roughing out an official letter of complaint for one thing.

It’s a heaven-sent opportunity for lawyers – some vague guidance from government and the liberty to make things up as they go along. There is clearly no law enforcement benefit involved, (as the “it isn’t me” letters show) just a whole new industry for lawyers, which involves creating work for me, ticking a few boxes and submitting a bill.

The Power of the Lawyer is in the Uncertainty of the Law.

Jeremy Bentham.

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Modern life. It gets complicated . . .
      Honesty is not appreciated – probably beause solicitors are now allowed to judge people by their own warped standards.


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