A Mind Live a Sieve

I was just looking up more details for the fund-raising efforts of the Boer War (as I’m writing a short article on the medallion I bought last night) when I found this reference. It’s a poor do, as my grandmother would have said, when you don’t even remember what you wrote six years ago.  I do, to be honest, remember most of the detail about the medallion and fund, it’s just that I have forgotten writing about it. Actually, I can’t remember much from six years ago, I think I was just starting to develop arthritis and my knee was a bit creaky. How things have declined in the last few years . . .

As you can see in the picture, if you click on the link above, the medallion I used as an example is not a patch on the one I bought last night. Now I want a silver one, preferably in a box. That’s the collecting bug for you – buy one, want another. You can probably get pills to cure collecting.

That’s about it. Inspiration has eluded me once again, though I have managed one senryu tonight. It is not a lot. Three lines of poetry does not really excuse my neglect of the washing up. Nor does making the sandwiches count for much as Julia has already made them twice this week.

For some reason my mind just turned to a piece of stock a friend of mine once had when we shared a junk shop. It was  German WW2 helmet with holes drilled in it and a base added so it could stand upside down and be used as a colander. IN 1945 Germany had been so badly knocked about that everything was pressed into use to rebuild the nation.

I don’t have a picture of it, but this is a slightly more sophisticated version from The Western Australia Museum. This he sort of thing my mind contains. It’s also the sort of thing it talks about when trying to avoid useful effort.

King Charles III 2023 Sovereign (Reverse)

The header picture is the Obverse of the new coin – sorry about picture quality but hey are too shiny to show up well on photos. Well, they are when you have second class equipment and skills.


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  1. tootlepedal

    Remembering what I did today is a hard enough task without worrying about six years ago. I am very impressed that you are well enough indexed to find that reference.


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