Dumplings, Dreams and Diet

As I sit here at my desk (which is actually the dining table covered in junk) I can hear the gentle bubbling of a vegetable stew on the top of the stove and smell the waft of garlic and simmering vegetables. I am  a simple man and this is my simple life.

That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t like the £900,000 house I have just viewed on the internet. It’s just outside the Lake District National Park and has outbuildings, an office an acre of garden and a section of fishing rights. I am sighing as I write. I don’t need the hot tub in the conservatory, as sitting in a warm bacterial soup has little charm to me. However, it will be somewhere to keep a pet alligator, I suppose.

However, I take some consolation in the thought that it was an  excellent vegetable stew and the dumplings were top class. It’s been at least six months from my last dumpling, so it was a welcome seasonal change to the diet.

The other seasonal variation to watch out fro is the increasing number of greens in my diet. This is a phenomenon noted by the Anti-Coagulant Service, and not just in me. People start eating more greens around Christmas, and these greens act as an antidote to the Warfarin. It has happened to me several times at this time of year. I now try to eat more greens at all points of the year. It’s not the antidote effect that’s a problem, it’s the variation in diet throwing the Warfarin calculations out. Now I try to keep the consumption of greens up a bit more through the year so the seasonal change doesn’t show up.

11 thoughts on “Dumplings, Dreams and Diet

  1. tootlepedal

    You would need burglar alarms and fierce dogs, and then people would always be visiting you to get free holidays. It would be hell. But you could grow a lot of veg in the extensive grounds.


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