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Population, Politics and Prime Ministers

I’ve been thinking. This is never a good thing as it tends to highlight the faults in the world and, more depressingly, the faults in my life. The faults of the world, I can’t do much about. The faults in my life are all down to my bad decisions, and that is something I could have done something about, which adds an element of tragedy to the depression.

However, that’s all water under the bridge. There’s no point worrying about things I can’t correct. The same goes for the problems of the world. I’ve been thinking of these problems recently not because I can change them, but because it’s the theme of submissions for an internet magazine I sometimes submit to. Or, to which I submit. That’s one of my regrets – lack of formal grammar education.

I’ve cut down on car usage, I’ve cut down on plastic and, as much as possible, I try to live sustainably. Of course, that merely means I’m killing the planet at a slower rate. I still use too many resources and It doesn’t really matter what I do, all my economies are easily undone by just one blogger  flying to Prague to report on handbags, or someone like our ex Prime Minister Tony Blair having four children. I have two. I’m not sure if we really should have two, because that might be too many. However, I started shouting at the TV many years ago when he spoke about looking after the planet. He has already committed his family to using twice as many resources as mine in the future. For the sake of political balance I will point out that the current PM is even worse in this respect.

It’s an issue were are going to have to address in the future, because we can’t keep increasing the population. I’ll be making my personal contribution to reducing the world’s population some time in the next 30 years or so, but there’s a lot of work to do on population control.

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  1. paolsoren

    A futile task! Those with power will never relinquish power willingly. Those who consumer more than they should will never stop consuming, those who……..(complete this sentence yourself,)


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