Day 204

I had an untrasound scan today. After being shown into the room I was told to sit on the couch by a lady in scrubs.

“Do I need to remove any clothing?” I asked, thinking that I knew the answer already – this is the second time this are has been subjected to a handful of cold gel and the scrutiny of a stranger.

“”No,” she said, just sit on the edge of the couch and the sonographer will be along in a few minutes.”

It’s a good thing I asked, or all sorts of embarrassing circumstances could have arisen.

Last week when I had my chest X-Ray it was very efficient, and the same was true today. The main difference was that today was cheaper. Last week I paid Β£10 each way for a taxi (parking being poor at the hospital and my walking not being great). Today, with it being a quieter day, I took a drive down. I found parking in the Treatment Centre then took the lift up to the tram terminal and walked to the department. It was about 600 yards, which was enough. It was about 500 back, because I didn’t get lost, though I did have a sit down after the first 300. Car parking cost Β£2.40.

Next time I will try the tram. It will cost Β£4.40 but I can have a ride round afterwards.

It is time to become more adventurous, as I am becoming very set in my ways and apprehensive about going out. I have been telling myself I can only do 50-100 yards without trouble, but I can do 500 – 600 yards if today is any guide. By the end of the 600 I admit I was glad to sit down. The return 500 were trickier and I’m feeling sore at the moment,

I may even try shopping properly instead of hiding behind my computer, though I will then have to add “impulse buying” to the list of problems I need to control.


15 thoughts on “Day 204

  1. Helen

    I’m glad you feel the need to push yourself to walk more. And that you didn’t create an embarrassing situation for the sonographer 😊.

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      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        It’s one of those halfway results where they can tell me what it isn’t (a tumour) but can’t yet tell me what it is. I need blood tests for that and have been very lazy about going down to be tested. πŸ™‚

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