Day 203

Absolutely no sales online overnight, and none during the day either. It was like everyone has closed down for holidays.  I have bought a few cheap things on eBay lately, and this is always the sign of a slow down. It happens periodically, but we rarely have a blank day. We had a couple of customers in the shop but made no sales of note.

I say “everyone” but some people haven’t closed down. We have a regular sender of messages from Australia who keeps wanting more and more details about something we have on sale. He has already asked so many questions that we can’t make a profit on any sale (and a sale looks a remote chance at the moment, as I have him pegged as a massive timewaster) and now keeps asking for photographs of something that is already pictured.

We have a few more bees in the garden than we had this time last week, but nothing dramatic. However, any increase is a welcome sight.

I decided to leave the “temporary” teasel pictures in “yesterday’s” post. I might do some new photos for this one or, as I am trying to finish this and get to bed, I may use existing photos for now and try new ones tomorrow.

Army Cadet Force Badge WW2

All my medical letters arrived in one lot – three letters. One contain’s details of tomorrow’s scan, which I have already discussed by phone, because I was worried the letter had not arrived. I was going to link to my previous post about the scan, but I seem to have omitted it. I’m going for a scan. Minor problem. It will, as usual, require me to remove my trousers. That’s probably why I omitted to mention it. I don’t really like the problems that seem to surround men of a certain age.

One is for a course I said I would go on to improve my chance of losing weight. I don’t remember saying I wanted to go on it and really must start taking notes when I discuss these things. I couldn’t do August due to my jury service, which is annoying as I now seem not to be doing that. Instead I am having to give up two Wednesday afternoons in September, a month I had earmarked for a holiday.

The third is about me missing my recent telephone appointment. I have taken exception to this. As you know, I was here for the appointment but the staff of the National Health Service was incapable of making a simple phone call. I didn’t miss the appointment, they failed to allow the phone to ring long enough. I am not happy about this and am seriously thinking of making a formal complaint.

I normally grumble about the service, but usually don’t do anything because, compared to most places we have decent healthcare. However, they have pushed me too far this time.

I’m awake now, so will post the photos I meant to use yesterday. The header picture is the Yogi Bear Kellog’s promotion badge from 1962- 3. The Army Cadet Force Badge is a plastic economy lapel badge from WW2. It’s one of many lapel badges used during the war to denote the roles people were taking when they were in civilian clothes. Members of the ACF were often employed as runners by the Home Guard.

Spratts Scottie Dog advertising badge

Spratts Scottie Dog advertising badge – compared to a penny

Spratts Scottie Dog advertising badge- reverse


10 thoughts on “Day 203

  1. tootlepedal

    I like the Spratts advertising badge. In its modesty, it compares very favourably with modern advertisements for betting companies on footballers’ shirts.

    Good luck with your complaint. I hope that you don’t have to start a subroutine complaining about the insufficient of response to your complaint.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I am still waiting for responses to my two complaints about matters relating to my two cancelled ops five years ago. They rely on us being too busy to follow things up

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, it’s the thickness that gives it away when you have it in your hand. They made a range of military cap badges in plastic. some in black, some in silver and bronze colours, but a lot in dark brown. They were not popular with the troops, but they did save metal to make munitions. There were red ones for salvage collectors and blue ones for canal workers. Quite a sphere of collecting in itself.


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