Day 68

I was going to break out of the tyranny of the post numbering system, because I was having trouble with it now I have to add three months together, but then I panicked, because I started to worry about missing a day if I didn’t have a numerical sequence. It’s amazing what you can worry about if you have a fretful nature.

Anyway, it’s 10.55am and I have just returned from the blood test. I was happy to be back at the surgery, because it is a more restful way of having the test.Or, it was until today. One of the less sympathetic nurses perforated me three times, apologised and sent me on my way with instructions to go and get it done at the hospital because she couldn’t get any blood.

I’m going to give it a day or two because I don’t need any more holes for now, there will be no parking and there will now be a queue.

On the way back I was nearly involved in an accident when I pulled over to let someone past, and a driver behind me pulled out to overtake, nearly hitting the oncoming vehicle. Clearly they were only watching me rather than the whole road ahead.

Then I went down a road and found it blocked by construction workers, even though it had signs up indicating it was clear. It only took a minor detour, but why, when all you have to do is put up signs and dig holes, can’t you do it right?

If I got 50% of my job wrong, I’d not be in a job for long. But if I had a hard hat and a big digger everyone would just shrug and drive round.


9 thoughts on “Day 68

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Fortunately my inner elbows seem to be free of nerve endings and it is irksome rather than painful. Where there is no sense, there is no feeling, as many people have noted. 🙂

  1. paolsoren

    But the worst sort of road signs are the ones that tell me to be careful and to drive slowly because there are road workers ahead But there aren’t any.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, that is a very frustrating situation. there you are, doing the right thing, and you find you’ve ben taken for a sucker. A bit like voting for politicians . . .


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