Day 16

Got up after a lie in and had to unfold my back. The two are linked, but I don’t want to buy a new mattress until the end of the year, as we have to do some building and other dusty stuff. I have a couple of weeks of sleep troubled only by an ancient bladder and dreams of old age and poverty, Then I have a week of being troubled by the inability to straighten up when I( wake. It isn’t too bad, just takes ten minutes longer to get up.Β  After that it seems to pass off again.

Julia has been ill since Friday, but it seems to be passing today. We think it might be diet related and a few days of light diet and no cheese seem to have done the trick. She was particularly subdued yesterday when I got home from work, which is not like her. “No cheese” is my general treatment for all abdominal pain, and often seems to work. I had trouble with IBS about thirty years ago. The doctor told me that he would tell me to give up smoking but the resulting stress would probably be just as bad for me. That was in the days when doctors gave realistic and practical advice. He also told me that a cup of tea and two cigarettes was not a nutritionally sound way to start the day.

I started eating proper breakfasts, gave up smoking and put on weight. However, with that and a certain amount of caution regarding cheese. This gives me the moral high ground when it comes to lecturing Julia about her health. I fully intend to take advantage of this.

The photo is from January 2017. She was, as I recall, making some cutting remark about the statue being similar in build to me. Ah, good times!

17 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. paolsoren

    That’s a very nice statue young fella. And my ‘goto’ rule regarding diet is “There’s no such thing as too much cheese”. So that just goes to show that it takes all sorts to make a world. (Except for politicians who seem intent on unmaking the world.)

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I can only stand and admire your gastric fortitude. My digestion is not what it was. Our politicians have been holding wine and cheese parties in the garden at Number 10 while the rest of us isolated.. Probably Gorgonzola to try and mask the smell of hypocrisy.


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