Day 12

How the year flies by when you count it out in blog posts!

I had a lie-in instead of going to hospital for a blood test. It was a walk-in rather than an appointment so it isn’t a problem, and it’s nice to assert my independence and remind them there are more important things in life than needles in arms. I’ll go later in the week.

We had a late breakfast – eggs, beans, tomatoes, toast and bacon, and made it through to teatime with only the merest top up of toasted currant teacakes. Tea was the last of the Leek & Potato Soup (watered down to a less sticky consistency) with a cheese and ham and tomato sandwich made in a crusty baguette. It could have been better from a nutritional and dieting point of view, but it could have been worse.

I really must get a grip on my diet again – better nutrition and smaller portions being two of my aims. I doubt that I’ll ever need to be “beach ready” again, but I’m enjoying being lighter and would like it to continue.

It’s a another of those days when nothing happened, but I’m happy with that. Days when things happen can be quite irritating. I’m practising for my dotage now, sitting at home, dozing in front of the TV, not reading enough (despite my good intentions) and letting the world go by. I’m going to start slipping a few “in my day . . .” and “we never needed . . .” into the conversation.

I’m at Number Six on the Shakespeare Scale, and with teeth and eyes going, turning the corner into Number Seven – “Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.” so it makes sense to prepare.

In the real world, the Prime Minister, who seems to have led the life of a party animal during lockdown, as the rest of us hid and died, seems to be well on his way to avoiding the consequences of his actions yet again.

Sorry to bring the real world to the blog, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

It’s not like I’m a tennis star and can live in my own little bubble . . .

The featured image is a parcel that we are sending half-way across the world. I like to photograph things like that in case there is a problem. The Brazilians recently sent a parcel back because the “International Tracked” label fell off. They had the address and the stamps but these days if it doesn’t have a barcode it can’t be delivered. It can be sent back to us from Brazil, but apparently can’t be forwarded to somebody in Brazil. It’s all part of the Dystopian Plan – you can’t send a parcel unless it has a barcode to allow you to be watched . . .

I checked up the “International Jobsworth Awards” but couldn’t find an address to send in my nomination.




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  1. Lavinia Ross

    Better nutrition and proper portions are always a good things to aspire to. Sailing gracefully into the Golden Years require a steady hand on the ship’s wheel.


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