Day 11

I always feel there’s a thin line between Leek & Potato soup and wallpaper paste. Unfortunately I often stray a little over the line, and tonight was another example. It wasn’t too bad, but there was definitely a hint of glue hanging over my soup bowl.

I’ve previously been told that this is because I add too much potato. I checked it up tonight, and this seems to be a possibility. However, it could also be the type of potatoes or overdoing it  with the blender. In other words, lots of people have an opinion but nobody seems to have a reliable answer. Unfortunately I can’t repeat the recipe next week and then examine my technique as it was all thrown together in an unmeasured sort of way.  I might have to try it again and measure the ingredients. That means I have to test the scales and see if there is any life in the battery. It’s so long since we used them that the battery will probably be flat again. It always is.

Looking on the bright side, if it improves my Potato & Leek Soup it will be worth it. I  might even try some new recipes. New recipes often require scales. That’s why the second attempt is often poor – overconfidence.

Was that, you ask, the most exciting thing that happened on Day11? I’m afraid it was. Adventure and excitement don’t go hand in hand with a shop assistant’s job, so eating slightly faulty soup is as close to the wild side as I am likely to vote.

Humour in WW1

The pictures are a couple of Donald McGill postcards from the Great War. Humour oesn’t always survive through the years but these two are pretty universal.

14 thoughts on “Day 11

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It’s a bit like my writing. I have all the words to write a Shakespearian Sonnet, but I still end up with Limericks . . .

      Vichyssoise ingredients, but a bowl of gluey rustic soup . . .


  1. Lavinia Ross

    I enjoyed the old post cards. 🙂 It does sounds like too much potato. I wonder how leek and sweet potato soup might be? I think that could be made nice and thick, but wouldn’t be gluey.

  2. paolsoren

    After the very first line about soup and paste I thought that nothing more was needed. Now, about the two cards. They seem to be identical. Or am I missing something?

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      No, they should be different. One with a lady in a train and one with a put-upon soldier doing a lot6 of cleaning. The latter is not as clear or as big as I would like.


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