Crepuscular rays at Rufford Park

Back to Normal

Things are about back to normal now. I am still sticking to one sandwich for lunch and work seems OK, though I’m still having difficulty remembering where things are. This isn’t helped by the fact that the owner decided to “tidy up” while we were all off (he spent some of his isolation time working in the shop), Why he thinks that moving stock into random places without telling anybody is an improvement, I do not know. However, it’s his time he’s wasting, not mine.

My legs are still a bit weak after weeks of enforced rest but I am making progress on that.

I struggled to submit anything in September, but did manage a few things (mainly things that were already written and just needed tidying). I have three poems in Cattails this month – pages 86, 89 and 133 if you fancy a look.

I have also had acceptances from three other magazines (though only one will be available online) and will no doubt mention it again when it is published.

At one point, when I was really struggling to string words together, I actually thought I’d run to the end and would never write again. Fortunately that passed off after a week, as I don’t know what I’d do to replace it. At the moment I’m not writing much because I mainly work, eat, watch TV and go to bed early. I’m still sleeping off the Covid.

It is probably time to prepare a plan to make sure I spend my time wisely. However, for now I will just sleep.



12 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. jodierichelle

    Your poems are wonderful, Simon. The last line in the one on page 86 took my breath away. And the one on page 133 was funny. I can just picture the whole thing.

    I think “foggy brain” is to be expected for a while. SO glad you are pulling away from it all & getting yourself back.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Thank you for the comments.

      I was talking to a University lecturer today – three weeks after Covid he is still having trouble writing more than a couple of paragraphs at a time. Sorry for him, but glad it’s not just me.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I enjoyed all three works, Quercus. The Daily Grind made me chuckle!

    That is a beautiful photo, the crepuscular rays almost forming a “V” for victory sign. You have defeated the virus, and the obnoxious driver in Daily Grind. 🙂

  3. Laurie Graves

    So very glad you are no longer struggling to write. After all, it’s what you do. Yes, you would be lost without it. Just as I would be lost if I didn’t write. But do rest when you need to. You are recovering from a nasty virus.


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