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Haibun, Beards and Undesirable Company

I had to provide a picture for Drifting Sands Haibun this morning. I generally try to avoid that sort of thing but I keep being linked to a mystery photo of a younger, less hairy and, let’s be honest, less handsome man. I decided that the only way to combat the interloper was to provide a photo of myself. As you can see from the header picture, personal grooming has not been a priority in lockdown. Not that it has ever been at the top of my list.

You can find the new photo in action, plus a haibun, here, in the latest edition.

So, who was the mystery man? Turns out it was the Nottingham journalist Simon Wilson. I’m not sure how he sneaked into the magazine, but it’s not the first time he’s caused confusion.  I tracked him down using “Search Google for Image”. I then, of course, had to check my own picture. I am still on  page that mainly comprises sex offenders and drunks, though this time there were two theologians on the page too. Plus a man advertising that he would like to rent a room. That, I feel, is the plot of a horror film waiting to unfold. Who invites someone into their home in response to any internet advert, let alone one featuring someone who looks like me.  To make things even worse, halfway down the page toy can find Gary Glitter. I suppose he’s unknown outside the UK, but he used to be known as a popular musician.

Sorry – just looked and realised how big the picture is. I don’t seem to be able to reduce it. If you are of a nervous disposition, I apologise.

7 thoughts on “Haibun, Beards and Undesirable Company

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  2. jodierichelle

    Wonderful poem. Like Lavinia, I am fascinated to know about the ant bathing. ***shivers***
    The bit about the old song playing in the car bringing back memories struck me as so common, but so profound when you really think about it. That we all have experienced that mental gasp as some long ago memory comes to mind so suddenly.

    I totally know that Gary Glitter song and didn’t even have to look it up to be able to sing it. For years it was a hugely popular sports anthem – marching bands playing it and cheerleaders dancing, etc. You are much too handsome to be on the same page as he.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Where to start? Possibly with a suggestion that new glasses would help. 🙂

      I had Linda Ronstadt’s Blue Bayou in my head when I opened a letter in South Africa from my mother. It told me my cousin had ben killed in a motorcycle accident. Forty years later I still find that hearing the song is like throwing switch. It all comes back.

      I wll do a post about ant bathing – I should learn more myself.


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