Web, Mesh or Net?

After a week or so of opening on a different page WP has now gone back to opening on a page I can actually use. By the standards of modern doublespeak this is probably the “new and improved” version. Take something away at random, reinstate it, and, if asked, tell people it is an upgrade.

I had an email about a similar thing. I can, it seems, pay for Jetpack to give me a search function. I already pay enough for a product that is worse than it was when I started, and I thought I already had a search function. First we had lying, then we had marketing, now we have people on the internet who try to sell you stuff you used to get for free. It’s a gradual decline to moral bankruptcy that we already see in our politicians and TV stations (you know – the ones that now call it “Plus 1” when it used to be called “repeats”).

It’s 8.36 and I decided I would have  ago at starting my day with some focus. It nearly worked. I have read my emails and a few blogs but mainly fixed my mind on writing this post. Later I will send a couple of submissions off and then do some housework. Yes, there is so much debris on my writing table that I can’t see the lower edge of the computer screen. I don’t need month old blood test results, used padded envelopes or notebooks from last year. The results will be recycled, the envelopes taken to work (for reuse as packaging) and the notebooks can go into a box until an American University puts in an offer for my papers. Or until Julia makes me throw them out.

That’s good, 8.53. The advantage of having no structure and no research is that blogging (by which I mean dumping the contents of my head on a page) can be quite quick.

This is in contrast to submitting poetry, where I am about to spend twenty minutes deciding whether to use “web” or “mesh” or “net” . . .

It’s not easy being a poet.

14 thoughts on “Web, Mesh or Net?

  1. Lavinia Ross

    That is a beautiful composition with the different colored grass seed heads. I agree with Tootlepedal, the need for optimizing screens for cell phones and computers has made things more difficult. I see other services struggling with this problem.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, the future of communications seems to centre round phones, though I actually find the screens a bit small for reading. Ah well, technology again . . .

  2. tootlepedal

    I think the WP has a struggle trying to cope with simple folk like us who just want to put out some random thoughts and pictures, and those hoping to make some money out their posts. it is hard to keep both lots satisfied. Also they have the problem of trying to cope with making posts suitable for computer screens and mobile phones. I have sympathy for them.


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