Nothing Much of Note

I nearly fell asleep at work today. In fact, if I’m accurate I did fall asleep several times, but only for seconds at a time.ย  No window, no ventilation and nothing to keep my interest (I was entering long lists of dull coins onto eBay) and the result was easy to foresee. I kept jerking into wakefulness and not quite knowing where I was in the process. This is not what they pay me for, so I should do better.

The first part of my evening was spent asleep in a chair and the second part was spent making and eating salad. It’s time to get back to a sensible diet. I have an appointment in a month’s time and my weight is likely to come up in the discussion. I would liken it to the elephant in the room, but that would merely emphasise my tendency to excess poundage. perhaps I should begin dressing in grey.

Very little of note has happened. I have organised a day off so that I can take Julia to a training course (Mencap seems to think everyone has a car and can travel 20 miles across country by 9am). That has been the only thing of note.

I’ve been loking at houses in Country Life on-line. It’s not a good thing to do. I note several of them have cinema rooms. I have enough problems staying awake in an armchair in the light. Put me in a cinema chair in the dark and no good will come of it . . .

16 thoughts on “Nothing Much of Note

  1. tootlepedal

    I hope that the salad tendency continues, as losing a few pounds can never be a bad thing. I keep trying but ice cream rears its head and I am set back.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Many things look different with a slight recasting. “Preventive snacking” allows me to avoid both guilt and low blood sugar. :-{

  2. Clare Pooley

    I do tend to drop off to sleep in theatres and cinemas once the lights are dimmed. I hate doing it but I can’t help myself. A cinema in one’s home is definitely asking for trouble.
    Most organisations assume people have their own transport. I would never be able to attend any of my hospital appointments without my car and public transport is a joke!

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I went to a concert many years ago – Steeleye Span – and fell asleep during the warm-up act. One of my friends woke me up, puzzled at how I could fall asleep in the middle of such an entertaining folk violinist.:-)


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