Snow and a Slow Start to the Day

Julia went to work by bus this morning. I felt so guilty that I got up at 6.30 to make sure her breakfast was ready when she got down. It was only tea, cereal and toast, so hardly the most onerous of breakfast.

We are back on the Weetabix so it needs some time to soak. I don’t like Weetabix because it’s often crunchy due to lack of time in the mornings. However, Julia doesn’t like Bran Flakes, my weapon of choice in the war for fibre and regularity, so we alternate – each one of us gritting our teeth and eating cereal we don’t like to accommodate the other. I suppose that’s what marriage is all about at times. When we retire I think I will make porridge every morning. We both like that.  We could, I suppose, have two boxes open but I regard this as vain and wasteful. I was brought up to be modest and frugal.

She left me with a lecture about doing housework while she’s out. Housework? And ruin a perfectly good writing day?

I’ve had a go at the washing up and I have plans afoot for cooking tea – I think I’ll try a vegetarian version of last week’s casserole for tonight and make chickpea and sweet potato curry for tomorrow, In a minute I will do some shredding. I can do that without moving from my chair.

I’ve just realised that you are probably wondering why Julia had to travel by bus. WE had snow at the weekend, and in England that means we grind to a halt. We had snow on Saturday but it fell early enough for the daytime temperatures to melt it. We had snow yesterday, but it started inn the afternoon and froze overnight. That means that the street we live on is, based on previous experience (32 winters) is a touch slippery and the slope down to the main road holds all sorts of possibilities. I’m getting more cautious on the roads as I grow older, and as my car insurance premiums increase. If it doesn’t melt today, it’s likely that we will have a surface like a skating rink for the next week. I will review the situation tomorrow.

At the moment the sun is out, next door’s conifer has turned green and the roof of the house below us on the hill is starting to show black slates through the snow. I’m hopeful.

It’s not bad weather, it’s bad preparation. When you only have a couple of snowy days a year it’s hardly worth the effort and expense of preparing for snow.

Just before starting work I had a call on the landline – this is usually the sign of a scammer. It turned out to be  a really pleasant Indian gentleman in a call centre. Apparently, all this working from home is playing havoc with broad band availability and our router has been sending out messages. Could I switch my computer on so that he could check the situation?

Yes, I said, as soon as he gave me his identity code. Identity code? Yes, the one supplied by the service provider so I knew callers weren’t trying to scam me.. Ah, he said, he wasn’t actually from the service provider, he was acting on their behalf. Well, I said, it’s unfortunate that they hadn’t given him the code. If he rang them for it, I’d be happy to talk to him further as soon as he got back to me with it.

I actually feel better than I do after I have swearing at a scammer. It’s so much nicer to be polite, waste their time and then disappoint them.

Snowy Detail

Snow pictures are from last year.

25 thoughts on “Snow and a Slow Start to the Day

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        I find that growing older is quite easy so I’m going to concentrate on filling my retirement with porridge, mirth and complaining that things used to be better.

  1. Laurie Graves

    That snowy gate is lovely. Really liked the way you handled the scammer. Well, done! Even those—like me!—who have lots of experience driving in snow use caution and discretion when heading out. Hope the snow melts soon so that Julia doesn’t have to take the bus.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It’s going – all the trees are clear, and the roofs that face the sun. Still quite a lot about in the street but it could be a lot worse. You Mainers would only think of it as a frost. 🙂

      1. LA

        I just buy things Willy nilly….I have apples and strawberries in the house. And two kinds of cheese!

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        I can understand two sorts of fruit and, as Tootlepedal will tell you, multiple sorts of cheese are essential. But cereal is just a way of delivering fibre and something low calorie to start the day. It’s more of a penance than a meal and ranks only a little higher than salad. When I retire it will be porridge and leisurely breakfasts every day!

      3. quercuscommunity Post author

        Aaaargh! Yoghurt with fruit! That’s not even food. You are very brave. Yes, we could eat eggs when we have time. Until I married I found that cigarettes and tea were good for breakfast. 🙂

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