Rejection, Superstition, Vaccination

Editors seem to be busy at the moment. I have now had replies to all four of my January submissions. One, as you know, resulted in an acceptance, and one in a rejection with helpful editorial comments. The third is in limbo until the end of january, when the submission period ends, and the fourth has just come back with “helpful editorial comments”. I’ve put that in quotes as I am thinking of adopting it as an alternative to saying I’ve had a rejection.

I may, in future grade levels of response as “rejection”, “helpful editorial comment” and “acceptance”. This means that instead of being split equally between positive and negative results I can now claim that 66.6% of the results are positive, so call me an optimist and change my name to Pollyanna.

For any superstitious numerologists who may be reading, I admit that 66.6 might not be a good number to use. However, 66.6 isn’t actually the Number of the Beast, but 10% of it. Bearing in mind my retail background I can’t help thinking of it as the Discount of the Beast.

(Yes, before somebody corrects me, I do realise that other commentators believe the number is actually 616, but I’m traditional in matters of theology and superstition.)

In line with my new positive outlook I won’t even tell you what the situation is with the car. Let’s just say it’s hard to find anything upbeat or cheerful to say.

Some good news is that Julia has been given a projected vaccination date – early February. By March she should be reasonably well protected against COVID. This will be good. Meanwhile, I will stay at home, unvaccinated, and enjoy my holiday, which is also good.

16 thoughts on “Rejection, Superstition, Vaccination

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Good to hear Julia will be vaccinated soon! Enjoy your holiday, and both of you stay well.

    It looks like a sunny, reasonable day coming up here, so I may be able to get in some gardening time, moving some errant irises and daylilies.

    1. jodierichelle

      I’ve had no real gardening here, Lavinia: too cold for my taste. But I had my mom over for a masked bonfire on Sunday, at the warmest part of the day, and we had a couple of delightful hours roaming the property collecting sticks for kindling. It felt like gardening, and I guess it was – getting the yard cleaned up. We enjoyed the fire too! Felt great to be outside!


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