The Second Post and Working Hard

Here is the list and the results so far.


Wash up breakfast pots

Make Cheese on Toast mixed with eggs and onions (OK, not quite soup)

Work on partially completed poems (completed two, edited four, found one I thought I’d lost)


Research on bird names (needed for a haibun)

Research on free range pigs  (needed for a haibun)

Reorganised haibun files (not on list)

Wrote 200 words for a blog post (not on list)

Browse internet (research for the above post – not on list)


Part Done

Sort out two submissions


Not Done Yet

Start two poems I have notes for

Write haiku/senryu

Research for article – Bomb Disposal

Research for article – RNLI

Pick Julia up

Cup of tea, TV, nap

Cook stir fry

Write more

Write post (500 words) about how hard I’ve been working today.

I have about 45 minutes before I am leaving to collect Julia – wish me luck.

14 thoughts on “The Second Post and Working Hard

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Picked her up and brought her home. Gave her tea. Took her to work this morning despite multiple flashing lights. Car now in garage awaiting diagnosis and repair.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Researching an item from my collection, which led to reading a book on the subject. When they built the new Olympic stadium for 2012 they dug several unexploded bombs (UXB) up.

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        We are supposedly geared up to do 2,000,000 people a week and there are 60 million of us. That is big arithmetic but at that rate, with us all needing two doses, it’s going to take until February 2022 to get us all done. I’m hoping that production will increase and rates will go up. We aren’t too bad – reasonably affluent country with good health and nutrition – I’d hate to be living in Africa.

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