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Empty Head – Empty Afternoon

I’ve dropped Julia at work, shopped, visited and made a vegetable stew. I then sat down with the intention of writing a gripping narrative of my morning and found that I feel like I’m sitting here with a big ball of cotton wool where my brains usually are. Nothing is taking shape and the time is slowly dribbling away.

Tomorrow I intend breaking the law, which I don’t really want to do. It is a small infraction but if everyone does it, it soon becomes a major problem. It is also hypocritical as I have previously been very critical of people who have broken the laws relating to disease control. The trouble is that the offence is small enough for me to tell myself it’s unimportant. It is also a drop in the ocean compared to the recentย  mass migration of Londoners. However, all those Londoners were doing was the same that I am going to do – travel a few days early. It doesn’t seem too bad if you say it like that, but in big enough numbers everything builds up to a tsunami of variant Covid virus.

The first of my warning alarms has just gone off – time to wrap this up and collect Julia. That’s assuming it’s possible to wrap something up when you haven’t really started.

I need 312 words to hit the 250 limit, and a quick mention that the header picture is a type of Christmas stamp I haven’t seen before may well get me over the line. It has. The 63p stamp is from an older series but the ยฃ2.55 stamps are for this year’s large letters up to 100g to World Zone 2 (Australia and New Zealand and a few other places). It was a bulk lot of coins and needed quite a lot of postage.

I bought chocolate brownies this morning, so I predict a nice cup of tea in the near future. Suddenly it’s all looking up.

10 thoughts on “Empty Head – Empty Afternoon

  1. Lavinia Ross

    A nice hot vegetable stew sounds like a good thing for winter blues. Hot tea, too! Stay safe, both of you.

    Over here, we are lucky to have this farm to wander about. About all we can do off-site is to avoid others as possible, wear a mask, and pray the vaccine is available to us sooner than later.

    It was rainy and windy here yesterday and last night, so we missed seeing the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. We are hoping tonight might be better.

      1. Lavinia Ross

        It was sunny amid large clouds wandering through. It is possible we may be lucky this evening. We are roughly 30 minutes post sundown here, and I can see the moon through a thin veil of high clouds. In about 30 minutes, I will know.

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