A Moral maze

I’ve been getting messages from the anti-virus programme that is pre-loaded on the computer. It’s time to start paying, it seems. This has ben announced numerous times in the form of pop-ups that are very difficult to get rid of. So, the first decision today was to look for a free anti-virus programme. I selected one, loaded it and found that they wanted £29 to carry on. It’s a 70% discount, they tell me, but it isn’t free.

As I don’t like being threatened, hassled and lied to I’ve crossed the old one and the new one off the list. Time to look for another.

Work was reasonably good – a couple of customers called in. We can’t, remember, visit them at home to chat about generalities and collecting, but they can visit our non-essential shop to chat about generalities and collecting. It’s just one of those strange anomalies that arise. Unlike many people, I’m not going to say this invalidates all the precautions because, as one or two have said, it’s all that’s keeping them sane. Same for me.

Today I switched on the computer to finalise my Christmas shopping and found that I’d missed the deadline. I’ve been thinking of other things recently and they didn’t send me a reminder like they usually do. As I’m under the £40 limit they are going to surcharge me £3 on top of the £6 delivery charge they’ve added, as it’s Christmas and everyone wants home deliveries.

I’m going to have to go shopping tomorrow to buy a few extra bits and pieces, It’s nothing major, and we can survive without them, but it will just make Christmas a little better. I could, however, do without it.

Has anyone in the UK noticed that the new Christmas arrangements are aimed at people with cars, or who live close to family?  Number One Son, who doesn’t drive, can’t just come for Christmas Day, as  there is no public transport on Christmas Day. This is a problem other people have pointed out too. That leaves us with the option of breaking the law by travelling on days when it isn’t allowed or leaving him on his own over Christmas Day.

Yes, in theory I could pick him up on Christmas morning and take him back that night but I don’t enjoy the trip that much that I want to do it twice in one day.

What a moral maze.  That is the trouble with family. One day you help them circumvent a minor law and the next thing you know they are asking you to help in the disposal of a dead body (hypothetically). If it’s one of your kids it would be very hard to refuse them help. My tip for that, by the way (if you don’t have a pig farm) use deep water and wrap the body in chicken wire so nothing inconvenient floats to the surface. A lifetime of reading crime novels has not gone to waste.

5 thoughts on “A Moral maze

  1. tootlepedal

    I too am plagued by anti virus programs that keep upping their prices while slowing down my computer. It should be possible to do without them but I lack confidence.

  2. Helen

    Yes, the law has not taken into account that we don’t all live in the next street from our families. I hope your son will be okay. At least Abu Bakr in Hyde Park is open if he fancies some samosas for lunch!

  3. Lavinia Ross

    Good luck on the antivirus front, Quercus! Yes, Christmas is going to be a bit odd this year. This will also be your first Christmas without your father, and I know that makes it even harder. You and your family are in my thoughts ad prayers.


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