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Two problems solved…

Well, one problem has been solved. The bank has provided me with a new card in record time. It was a bit awkward at one point, because I couldn’t reserve a delivery slot at ASDA without  a card, and had to register Julia’s card on the account,. However, that’s the worst thing that happened. Overall it’s not been a problem and the bank has provided excellent service.

I’ve also solved the problem which I don’t think I’ve mentioned.I think I said I’d scratched arms and hands after cutting my sister’s pyracantha last week. They are spiky plants, and I’ve often damaged myself when pruning them. I once even injured a foot when one of the spines punctured the sole of my shoes. That’s why you should garden in boots.

One of the wounds quite clearly wasn’t healing. in fact it was swelling, going red, itching and generally showing all the signs of being infected. I tried using antiseptic ointment and  all the usual things but it just became slightly worse day by day. This afternoon I got fed up of it and, using my jeweller’s eyeglass and a scalpel, I started to dig. There was, as I expected, the point of a thorn broken off in there. It’s not there now and the hand already feels better despite the DIY surgery.

If only all my problems could be cured by ringing the bank or jabbing them with a scalpel.

I did win the Lottery again last week – £2.20. At this rate it’s going to take me 833,000 years to win a million on the Lottery, and cost me around £7.500.000. It’s probably not a great long term strategy.

10 thoughts on “Two problems solved…

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Thorns and stickers get us here, too. There is some sort syndrome or bacteria associated with roses that can cause a nasty infection. Glad you got the thorn out!

    Congratulations on the win! 🙂


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