VW with Daisy Wheels

A Trip to Leeds and a Startled Teddy Bear

Second post of the day – first one is here.

We’ve been up to Leeds since I last wrote. Despite being allowed into the house if we are helping people move, we stuck to our original plan, using the back yard as a sort of airlock. Put things in, back out and close gate. Watch over the fence while they take the stuff in.

We delivered a pine box, a nest of tables, two table lamps and a full length mirror from Dad’s leftover furniture. My sister contributed a bean bag and we took kitchen equipment and a five foot weights bar which I haven’t lifted for at least ten years. We also took a selection of signed football shirts and a discus. Why, you may ask, a discus? The answer is that we don’t want it so he has to take it or we throw it in the skip (an apt end for a discus).

We also delivered some plug-in timers which look like startled teddy bears – part of a fine family tradition where male members buy too much stationery and gizmos then pass it on a generation. These originally belonged to my Dad, descended to me and are now off to a third generation.

Startled Teddy Bear

Startled Teddy Bear

It was an easy journey, with very little rain and plenty of sun, despite the threatened bad weather. The trees are definitely on the turn compared to last week, and there seemed to be more people out and about despite the local lockdown in Leeds.

Number One Son had done us proud with a couple of takeaway coffees and some cakes from the local cake shop, which proved to be handy as it started raining at that point and we were able to take them in the car. If we’d have had drinks made for us we’d have got wet drinking them before handing the cup back, or, broken the lockdown rules. And we all know what happens when you start breaking the lockdown rules.

One of the cakes was a coconut slice with raspberry jam. I’m sure they have a better name than that. The other was a flapjack that tasted like parkin (treacle and ginger) though he says he thought it said apricot on the label in the shop. They were the last two sorts of cake left in stock. Fortunately they are two of my favourites.

On the way back we called at Wilko’s for glue for Julia’s art group on Monday, and saw this daisy-themed VW. I used to take photos of car wheels in car parks whilst waiting for Julia, I may start again.

VW Daisy Wheel

VW Daisy Wheel

It’s nice to use some pictures I’ve taken on the day, instead of using random archive shots. The backlit leaf shots didn’t work – they were blowing too much and the colour rendition was very dull despite the sunlight and blue skies.


17 thoughts on “A Trip to Leeds and a Startled Teddy Bear

  1. Lavinia Ross

    The passing on of the things of earlier generations is an important task. It is good to see items reused or up-cycled into a new purpose.

    I like the daily wheels! 🙂

  2. arlingwoman

    You’ve been busy! That’s a nice looking wheel on that car. And I have to applaud you unloading the discus and the timers. Meanwhile, you seem to have been pretty well paid for your efforts. Yay! And I love that treacle is molasses…

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It’s a confusing word – it used to be molasses here but became treacle, but people in this area often call golden syrup treacle, which is just so wrong! 🙂

  3. Laurie Graves

    I love those daisy wheels. Nice that you could help your son, even if care was needed. And cake and coffee? A perfect ending, even if it had to be eaten in the car.


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