A Depressing Day – Apologies to my Readers

I have bemoaned the fact, in recent posts, including yesterday, that I am becoming rather dull-witted with age.

Today I have been handed a reminder that although I may be in mental decline, some people, even at their peak, are not exactly blessed with brain cells. However, this does allow them to plough forward with tunnel vision, and does not necessarily mean that being able to think things through is an advantage.

Sadly, I can’t tell you much about it as it may yet come to court. I’ve been told how much it will cost me to settle and it’s a price I’m prepared to pay if it makes the problem go away. As the person in question has acted in bad faith all through the “negotiation” (which feels more like I have been mugged) I don’t actually trust them and I want to keep something in reserve.

The truth is that I have made concession after concession in an attempt to reach an amicable conclusion and I have, as a result. had more and more demanded of me. They haven’t paid a penny so far and they haven’t conceded a single point.

However, it’s only money. Whether they accept it in the end is another matter as I can’t help thinking that there is more trouble in store.

It’s a story waiting to be written. I had the note through the door six hours after my father died and I have used everything he taught me – manners, conciliation, and that money isn’t everything, in trying to deal with things tactfully.

The negotiation and the recollections of my father would make two parallel strands.

I’m not sure about the ending, but whatever happens to the garden fence I will walk away knowing I behaved properly and that my father would approve. I will also walk away knowing that people who behave badly seem to end up getting their way and taking the money.

Not cheery, but artistic.

Working title – “Karma would be better if you could hit people with it.”

I’ll put in a honeysuckle picture to lighten the mood. It was going to be a cat but the media system is playing up, as usual.

19 thoughts on “A Depressing Day – Apologies to my Readers

      1. quercuscommunity Post author

        Yes, it’s a tricky age. I have uncles of 90 and 94 and keep meaning to see more of them but they are both 150 miles away (in different directions) and I rarely get round to it. I will do after lockdown.

  1. Lavinia Ross

    I like the photo of the bumblebee having a good drink of nectar.

    Good luck with the fence issue. I know over here boundary fence law can be rather fraught with grey areas.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      It’s always a problem, and more of one when you are dealing with someone who doesn’t understand the basic principles. It’s really a question of bargaining now. I’m hoping to settle this week. But I was hoping to settle several months ago…


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