Adventures in Amnesia

I fell for what was possibly an internet scam website last night. There is no fool, it seems, like an old fool. My computer loaded it, despite its normal disinclination to load websites without security certificates, so I suppose it must have one. The address started with https, so I thought is was OK. It even had some convincing testimonials on it. But you would do wouldn’t you?

When I came to pay, it didn’t seem to work properly, so I contacted their helpdesk. The email was returned. I looked for a phone number or address but there were none.

At that point I realised that I may have paid money for nothing, and that I had given up my name, address and three digit security code to a stranger who possibly had felonious intentions aimed at my bank account.

Fortunately the bank was very helpful. They confirmed that no payments had been made and that nobody had tried to use the card. It looked like someone had just left a dead website floating in cyberspace. However, they were very helpful and cancelled my card just to be on the safe side. It will take four working days to get a new card and it is already becoming a nuisance that I can’t use my card. Without my card, for instance, I can’t book an online shopping slot.

They did assure me that lots of people get caught every day by things like this and said there was no need to feel bad about it. (I was at the time bemoaning the fact that my mental faculties had become so blunt that I would fall for something like this.

It was a bit like the time I forgot my PIN number. It had, at that time, been the same for 25 years. Then one day Β and as I stood at a cashpoint I realised that my mind was blank. I did not have a clue what my number was. I couldn’t even think of the first number.

They told me then that it happened to lots of people, but I think they might have been lying to make the old fool feel better.

I am beginning to hate these senior moments.

I even forgot the title once. I thought of it as I wrote, but by the time I’d scrolled to the top I’d forgotten it. Scrolled down again, and I remembered.


37 thoughts on “Adventures in Amnesia

      1. Val

        Thanks. I don’t really know why they go AWOL on some blogs. I should comment via the Reader as I’m doing now, rather than inside the blog itself, when it’s glitchy like this.

      2. quercuscommunity Post author

        It’s like the yellow flashes I have been getting when I post comments. Not quite sure why, and these days I’m always suspicious of these changes.

      3. Val

        Sounds like a browser issue. What browser do you use? I’ve just had to give up using Opera browser on this site as it’s been too badly behaved.

      4. quercuscommunity Post author

        Chrome, though I’m using XP so the browser is the least of my worries. I could go to Windows 10, but am wary of spending money on an ancient computer, particularly when you lok at the list of jobs we need doing to the house. πŸ™‚

      5. quercuscommunity Post author

        It’s on the list – after I sort the boundary dispute, rewire the house, rebuild the chimney stack and pay for Christmas. I’m hoping I may be able to get my old laptop repaired.

  1. Val

    I never remember my pin, instead I pay for things online or (when my voice will work, which it doesn’t always) by phone. Funny how they manage to accept the security code on the back of a card but won’t accept payment in person without a pin, isn’t it?

    Oh and I fell for a scam (or a semi-scam, it might actually just have been a badly designed website) during the worst of the early pandemic shopping palavers, I needed something badly and found a site, paid, then waited and waited. Complained to them, heard nothing. Eventually they cancelled my order and refunded – no apology, no explanation. I think it was that outcome rather than worse because I paid with Paypal and Paypal can order someone to pay up.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, Paypal can be a useful thing. I think my experience was just with a bad website, but can’t be sure. I ahve managed to sign up for Amazon Prime and, it seems,You Tube Premium from Google, both by accident – even the respectable sites can be guilty of making it easy to sign up by accident, or clever design.

      1. Val

        I’ve nearly signed up for Prime many times – there’s a link before you get to the delivery (or maybe payment) options that’s easy to miss. If you don’t click the ‘No thanks’ link or whatever its wording is, then you’ve signed up for it. Very misleading, a lot of these site – but deliberately so.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Oh, gosh! Glad there was a happy ending with no charges to your card. As for forgetting numbers…not long ago, pre-pandemic, I forget my phone number when I needed to activate rewards at the grocery store. The number was gone, despite the fact that we have had it for 36 years. No rewards that day. Naturally, it came back as I was driving home.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I always mentally subtitle you as “The Man with the Steel Trap MInd”. I visualise you wearing a cape and top hat and lurking in London fog, helping widows and orphans with your superior mental powers and finely tuned puncraft…

  3. Helen

    I forgot my pin once after years of automatically putting it into the machine. I think it’s because I was actively trying to remember it rather than than allowing my subconscious mind to do the work.

    I doubt any of what you have described is about your brain as opposed to normal brain function. Also, sometimes legitimate things can look dodgy – I had that with a charity I donated to, where I accidentally donated twice and didn’t think I was going to get my money back.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I’m glad it’s not just me. πŸ™‚

      I’m also arguing with Google, who seem to have signed me up to something by stealth and aren’t replying, but that was via PayPal so I have more leverage.

      Internet… humph!

  4. tootlepedal

    If it had a https you cannot be blamed for loading it. The amount of ‘dead’ sites hanging around cyberspace must be truly enormous. There is an old site of mine which I can’t remove and has lead people to imagine that we are still doing B&B long after we had stopped. I think that for once, your bank was telling you nothing but the truth.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, I had several complaints from people trying to join the junior section of the rugby club and when I looked into it we had an orphan page of information floating about in cyberspace and couldn’t get into it to change it.


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