First exciting fact of the day – I’ve discovered a new system for selecting titles for post. It will only last a week before I run into trouble, but it will be good while it lasts. At my age anything that helps to reduce mental wear and tear has got to be good.

Second – I just had my order of reading glasses from Amazon. They aren’t quite like I pictured them from the advertisement, and the spotted front isn’t exactly what I’d expected from glasses marked as “zebra”. I’m going to look like a 1980s advertising executive but for Β£2 a pair I can put up with that. They are a good size too, as many cheap sets are a bit tight on my big head, which is why they break.

Third, I remembered some of the Monday things I talked about in the Tuesday post before they were lost. I dropped my camera on my big toe (painful blood blister), ordered reading glasses on line for the first time (see point 2) and bought Julia a set of glasses with LED lights to help her with the adult painting-by-numbers kits I bought her to while away the lockdown. She has trouble seeing the tiny, pale grey numbers. So do I, we ended up using a torch and my eyeglass last time we had trouble, hence the sci-fi specs.

The facts have become steadily less exciting as I have gone along, so here’s a better one.

Four, I just had my third acceptance in three weeks. If your computer has a smugness alarm it will probably be sounding any minute…

It’s the first time I’ve ever had three pieces of work queued up awaiting publication. It’s probably linked to the fact that it’s the first time I’ve sent out nine submissions in six weeks.

With this one I had to agree to remove one of the two haiku that was in it and make it all into one paragraph. As I’d only just stuck the second haiku in as part of my last minute tinkering I wasn’t that bothered at removing it.

As for the single paragraph thing, I’ve had that before. Haibun editors don’t like white space and single line paragraphs.

I don’t mind them.

I think they make things easier to read, and add emphasis.

But if an editor suggests something it always seems sensible to accomodate them. They have much more experience than I do, and it’s foolish not to accept the help.

I’m now waiting for answers from several editors who have rejected me in the past. I’m hoping that I’ve improved since last time, but who can tell.

I’m going for the writing picture at the top again, because it’s too annoying to bother with much else at the moment. I have some decluttering waiting, and after that I need to do the online shopping.



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  1. derrickjknight

    I once regretted going along with a Listener Crossword editor who changed a word, in the process ruining the symmetry, because he said solvers wouldn’t know it. At the subsequent annual dinner a number of people wondered about the symmetry blip. I had forgotten all about it, but the co-editor remembered and restored my reputation πŸ™‚


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