It’s Tuesday and it’s one of my days off under or new shop routine.

I have dropped Julia at work and was back home shortly after 9.00 to start a day of creativity. First I started the computer, then restarted it when the keyboard and then the cursor refused to work. It sometimes happens when a connection shakes lose at the back of the computer but I’ve not had it happen like this before. The sign of things to come?

I have also read and replied to the comments that were waiting for me on the blog and checked my emails.

I the pottered about, wrote a six hundred word post, which included news of our bucket grown orchard – or the damson and apple tree if you want to be accurate.

I spoke of various other things, which I now can’t call to mind, and added the following paragraph.

Having set my alarms for the afternoon I am now settling down to five and a half hours of creativity.

At that point I failed to load photos so went away and came back to write the next paragraph and load damsons. As I posted and read the finished article, I thought it seemed a bit short. It is. I’ve lost 300 words. These machines hate me. They aren’t in the drafts, so I don’t know what’s happened. I am, to be frank, miffed.

However, it’s an irritation rather than tragedy and I’m not going to let it ruin my day. It’s just the electronic manifestation of the Person from Porlock.

I then went on to say this – I couldn’t get the photos to load last time so left it a while. It’s now time for lunch and all my creativity can be summed up as “final editing before submitting”. In other words a few spaces have been altered, a few words subtracted or added, a haiku tinkered with and a lot of tooth sucking has gone on.

Then I said to myself – they’re just poems, get them sent.

So I did.

Now I’m going to try the pictures of damsons again.

Sorry about the way it chops round, but I needed to add a bit for the sake of continuity after trying to make good some of the loss of words.

Damsons from the garden


20 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. tootlepedal

    “WP is still cheaper than many hobbies…”….I hate to think what drinking just one pint of beer in a pub every day for a year would cost these days but it must be far more than a year’s subscription to WP.

    There comes a time when change is needed. Get Julia to pawn her earrings and buy you a new computer.

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, I was pleased with the, We’ve had the tree for two opr three years and it’s gathering pace, though I’m impressed it manged to produce all that fruit from a pot of depleted compost.

  2. GP Cox

    Computer problems seem to hitting many – do you think the fact that so many people are online, working at home and children at home schooling has anything to do with it?

    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      I think that is certainly the cause of some of the general slowness – my sister always used to say that you could tell when people started getting to their offices in the US because the internet speed in the UK went down.

      Many of my problems come from operator error and, increasingly, from the fact I have an out of date operating system and a desire to save money. 🙂


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