What’s Five Foot Four and Scares the Life out of Me?

After a day that alternated tedium with periods where I feared for my life, I am not quite sure what to write about.

I did think of a witty piece on the perils of being married but she’s been tidying all day, with regular pauses to snarl like a rabid badger, so I’m not going to risk that. I too have been tidying all day, but at a less frenetic pace. I have just put the vegetables in for tea and taken my chance to sneak to the computer while Julia is upstairs beating some poor junk into submission.

I am seriously thinking of making up one of those bundles on a stick that you used to see illustrated in kids’ books and running away to sea. My other choice, joining the French Foreign Legion under an assumed name, is not really a viable proposition for a man approaching his sell by date.

You have to be under 39Β½ on joining, and I don’t think hair dye and a cunningly doctored birth certificate are going to help me much with that. Apart from that I am amazingly eligible to join one of the toughest military units in the world. Their list of disqualifying medical conditions misses most of mine out and as long as I can meet the requirements of the BMI I only have the sports tests to do. Unfortunately, at the moment, I would need to be about fourteen feet tall for the BMI calculation to work.

This is probably too tall for a long and successful military career – it is usually felt to be a good thing if the soldier is shorter than the generally available cover.

Looks like I might just have to do what I’m told and offer her chocolate.

I saved two books on photography from the pile she gave me to throw out, so as from tomorrow you can expect better photos. For now I’m just going to chuck in a few old ones before returning to my roasting vegetables.


Don’t be fooled by the smile…


28 thoughts on “What’s Five Foot Four and Scares the Life out of Me?

      1. quercuscommunity

        Camp Williams is a school holiday club run by the YMCA, which is currently closed during the pandemic. Until I checked for the link I didn’t even realise they had their name on there. They only run 14 weeks a year.

        The Mencap garden has been partially open for a couple of months for one to one visits and preparation for proper reopening. It is now open five days a week with up to a dozen people in there.

  1. tootlepedal

    I like the thought of you with your stick and bundle over your shoulder walking up the road towards a better life…but I am glad that it came to nothing as I would miss your posts.


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