That Tuesday Feeling

Now that I have Mondays off and my week starts on Tuesday, I find my thoughts about Mondays are increasingly positive and, after two days off, I am also more positive about Tuesdays and getting back to work.

From that point of view I can say that my week got off to a cheerful but belated start.

From the email point of view, I have to report less positive feelings. The recent improvements made to my email system have proved, as usual, to be cosmetic interference and the new system has not contributed to either a better experience or a better temper.

When I switch on now I can only see either two emails (on the netbook screen) or three emails if I use the proper computer. This is much less useful than the old system and I can’t find any way to reset it.

At the weekend I seem to have pressed a button by accident and rearranged my emails by some sort of random reverse date order. It wasn’t exactly reverse date order because I could have coped with that, but old emails kept coming to the top of the pile at random.

Today it seems to have reset the screen size and managed, initially, to prevent me viewing anything apart from fragments of one email title.

This left me with a decision. Do I blog on the Great Classic Lies (‘new and improved’ for instance) or do I blog about the rest of my day?

Or, as I have reached the magic 250 word limit, do I just show a couple of selfies showing you the new masks my sister has made me?

Man in another mask

Man in another mask

She has solved the early design problems by selecting a more masculine fabric and I feel the resulting masks would actually look good with a business suit. The same can’t be said of my head. The backlighting by fluorescent tubes reveals that my head needs a shave and a little theatrical make-up to remove the shine.

The new nose clip design cuts out most of the problems with misting glasses, which is a problem I still get when using a disposable mask.

Last night we had prawn jalfrezi made using a spice kit from Simply Cook. It was very good, despite me having the wrong coloured peppers and slightly wrinkled tomatoes from the back of the fridge.

Having made a mess of the pale blue and white shirt I wore yesterday, I am now reverting to shirts that don’t show food stains. I have an idea for a new fashion range using a red and brown colour palette and a pattern consisting of random blotches. The strap line for my advertising campaign – ‘A Shirt Made for Bachelors’.

The rest of Tuesday was pretty standard stuff. I did think about writing it asll down and leaving it as an historical document for future generations – Tedious Tuesdays – A Study of mid-week in 21st Century Britain – it would be like Diary of a Nobody, but without the drama. In the end I decided that as future generations have never harmed me, I would not inflict it on them.

Nearly forgot – my blood test results arrived in the post today. Yesterday’s blood test was bang on the bottom of the range, but still good enough to get me a new test date in October. That’s a good result.


17 thoughts on “That Tuesday Feeling

  1. Helen

    Seems like for a tedious Tuesday there was quite a lot to report.

    Glasses and masks don’t go well on the whole. Except when trying on sunglasses – yes, M&S let me handle several pairs, which presumably weren’t sanitised afterwards. (This is merely an observation – shoppers need to make their own minds up about what they will handle and how.) I bought a pair based on how well they went with the scarf round my face but don’t look quite as good when I’m at home!

    1. quercuscommunity

      I can’t help thinking of a mask and sunglasses as “bankrobber chic”. I’m sure the scarf/glasses combo will look fine on CCTV! 🙂

      There are so many inconsistencies in our guidelines we’ll never get it all right.

      1. Helen

        Oh, now the image of the scarf and glasses as bank robber disguise made me laugh.

        Anyway, in spite of not washing my hands afterwards and then eating a slice of cake using fingers, I’m still okay a week on.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Except for the computer, it sounds like life is going all reasonably well. No, they don’t make things like they used to, and sometimes progress isn’t really progress, it is just different and confounding. 🙂


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