Nasi Goreng

One of the spice mixes we got last week was for nasi goreng. It’s Indonesian fried rice for those of you who aren’t fluent in Indonesian. I covered that last week, and also mentioned I first wanted to eat it after reading about it in my dad’s Somerset Maugham books.

As I write that I realise it was rijsttafel I’m thinking about, which is similar, but not nasi goreng. Sometimes I worry about my memory. Other times, of course, I just forget.

There are many recipes on the internet and I’ll definitely be making it again once I’ve been shopping. There is a quick and simple vegetarian version I’m keen to try next. In this version the egg is kept as a fried egg. In the version we had earlier it is stirred into the rice and meat mix.

You can buy the various spices from TESCO or other online retailers. They do a spice kit similar to the one we used tonight, and nasi goreng paste, They have also had ketjap manis, but there is none in stock at the moment. You can make your own with soy sauce and sugar.

The rice is a bit dark because I’m working my way through our stock of microwave rice (bought to tide us over when there were shortages) and this contains lentils and quinoa.

Once we have depleted the stocks I will buy some more in preparation for Brexit, which is back on the news again.


Nasi Goreng with cucumber and tomato pickle


19 thoughts on “Nasi Goreng

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  2. higgledypiggledymom

    I googled Nasi Goreng and it said it was like fried rice with bits of meat in it..or whatever. I make fried rice with leftover (of course rice!) and bits of whatever and it’s a pretty filling meal. This stay home and shop stuff is really broadening the culinary field isn’t it! So far your meals look great!

  3. Lavinia Ross

    There once was a restaurant back east named “Rijsttafel”. The owner at the time I used to go was half Polish and half Filipino. The food was quite good, and quite unusual.


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