A Man who is tired of Blogging…

Yesterday I spent hours researching a post. Despite the time I spent on it I couldn’t get the tone right and, even worse, couldn’t maintain my enthusiasm. If I can’t be enthusiastic about the post I don’t see how I can expect anyone to read it.

That is now stored until I can get it right.

Today I started another post, meaning to finish in half an hour (in line with my new target) and found I couldn’t manage that either.

I thought of Writer’s Block then I thought Writer’s Block is for amateurs.

First I loaded up a serene picture for the post. Imagine that scene. Now hear the gentle quack of the resident mallard family and look for the convoy of ducklings following mother. I let my mind wander back to other days at that pond, with a goldcrest flitting through the trees calling with an high-pitched squeak. The Victorians called them golden-crested wrens. In turn, that reminds me that it is time to read some of my old bird books again. I remember the water voles I have seen on other days and the jays that used to call from the trees on the slope above the pond. Up the slope there is fragrant wild garlic, also known as ramsons. That reminds me of one of the posts I have stored as a draft. We haven’t been able to go to the slope where the ramsons grow this year, but it doesn’t matter – I have memories and good times will come again.

Of course, in the background there is also the noise of distant traffic, shouting from the owners of undisciplined dogs and the cawing of a crow as it flies over. Every time I hear or see a crow these days I think of the family name corvid, and my mind jumps to covid 19. They are different things but they both signify death in different ways.

That is 320 words and including a little tidying, it has taken me twenty six minutes.

As I say, Writer’s Block is for amateurs.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” — Jack London

I’ve just been reading the Jack London link and found this part (where the western nations bombard China with infectious diseases) particularly ironic when you think of current events.


21 thoughts on “A Man who is tired of Blogging…

  1. tootlepedal

    You want to do what the government does and subcontract your posts to outsourcing firms. I am sure that Serco could knock you out a post for a fee.

    1. quercuscommunity

      It’s tempting, but I feel that history demonstrates the folly of outsourcing. I once, unwillingly, was the source of a lot of Twitter posts for the farm. I didn’t realise until the farmer complained all his Twitter posts had my name on. I pointed out that this was because his social media people were charging him £40 a week to retweet my work.

  2. thetinypotager

    A great post Quercus, I think many of us will be sympathising – tone feels very much under scrutiny at the moment as well, but I think you always pitch it just right. 🌿

  3. koolaidmoms

    I love it! Writer’s block is for amateurs. I struggle with tone often and without hearing my inflection in the words I worry my words will fall flat.

  4. Lavinia Ross

    I agree with Laurie, beautiful nature writing in that paragraph, and I love the photo. Water voles – now there is a good future post topic!

    1. quercuscommunity

      They seem to have all left. They are under pressure from mink – an unwelcome escapee from fur farms and the releases made from those farms by animal rights protesters. 🙁

    1. quercuscommunity

      Thank you. I was really stuck until I saw the photo when I was scrolling through, then it all came back to me. I have enjoyed some good walks in that area. Somehow, the tranquillity and the trees remind me of your back garden.

      1. Laurie Graves

        And we so need that tranquility right now. Reading your paragraph was a lovely calm interlude. I know we have to look at life from every angle, but I sure do appreciate the calm moments.

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