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I’ve just been looking through my drafts and clicked on this, as I didn’t remember what it was about. There was nothing in it, so I’d obviously thought of a title and left it at that. I checked, but don’t seem to have used it before, so I must have just written the title and drifted off. I do that sometimes.

So, I need a post to go with the title. I’ve spent most of the day researching another post and, thoroughly bored, have decided to park it for another day.

Flowers are interesting. These are some pictures I took on my last few visits to the gardens. Some are new, others have been used before. The iris is, as I may have mentioned, is my favourite flower and, though it may not be as striking as some, the yellow flag is top of my list, as it is normally found by water. What more could you want than a glorious yellow spring flower growing near water whilst ducks quack in the background.

Tootlepedal has a particularly fine example of a blue iris on his blog.

I was sorry to learn on a quiz show today that the iris is only number 20 in Britain’s favourite flowers. This is clearly a travesty, and the list was compiled by people who had no taste. The rose was number one, which is not a surprise. They are pleasant enough, nicely scented and very decorative in quantity.

I am now going to fill up the post with photographs, and am going to tell you that I am doing it, as I need a few words to get me past the 250 mark.

14 thoughts on “A World of Interesting Things

  1. Laurie Graves

    W-h-a-t! Number 20? On my list, Number 1. How I love irises. Unfortunately, they didn’t do well in my garden this year. Hoping for better things next year. (In more ways than one!)

  2. jodierichelle

    I love iris, too, although I only have a few. I am curious about the term “flag.” My husband calls them that, too, and I had always assumed he didn’t know what they were called and thought they looked like flags – which I never understood. So I guess “flag” is a technical term?

  3. Lavinia Ross

    A beautiful set of flower photos, Quercus. I have a patch of yellow flag iris here, too, growing in the low marshy area that stays wet until well into July. They are lovely!


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