The Bear Pictures, and Some Diversions


A Bear in a Tree

A Bear in a Tree

Julia’s Knitted Teddy Bear – a lockdown special

I can’t post a bear picture as a header because I’m incompetent. Julia sent me these two pictures but I can’t get them to load into the media file so I just dropped them into the text. It’s a fascinating study in how a bit of knitting, a few stitches and a bit of imagination ends up as a teddy bear with a distinct personality of its own.

She has posted these pictures on the Mencap Facebook page, so there’s a chance we might be seeing a few more of them about as lockdown progresses.

Sooty is one of the best known bears, and he has been helping charliecountryboy retain his sanity during the lockdown. I use the term ‘sanity’ in a fairly loose sense, as you will have realised if you’ve read his blog before.

One of my favourites is Pooh, the bear of very little brain, and an unfortunate name. We have a copy of The Pooh Cook Book upstairs. Julia bought it. I’ve never actually read it, as I suspect it isn’t really a cookery book, just going through the motions.

The Pooh Cook Book By Katie Stewart

I’m fairly sure that the humour I see in the title was unintentional, unlike the next book, which has a confusingly similar title.

It is, however, quite different, being a book of Thai cooking compiled by a woman nick-named Poo. It apparently means ‘crab’ in Thai. She’s really called Saiyuud Diwong, but that wouldn’t sell as many books. Let’s face it, Cooking with Saiyud Diwong wouldn’t actually rate a mention here.

β€œFor I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me.” A. A. Milne


Bear in a tree – again!

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  3. Lavinia Ross

    The pictures didn’t show up for me, but I often have trouble in the reader with videos and photos.

    I have 8 cats. Pooh would be outnumbered here. πŸ™‚


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