A Relaxing Sort of Day

This morning I read several blog posts, did some writing and resisted the temptation to turn on the TV.

We had tomatoes and mushrooms on sourdough toast for lunch (my slightly chaotic buying has landed us with a surfeit of mushrooms), the post arrived (bearing a parcel of tomato plants and woolen twine for Julia) and we are now watching Father Brown on TV.


The post also held our letter from the government. Just in case we hadn’t heard, it tells us, amongst other things, to stay at home. This has already been covered in so many ways in the last few weeks that this further message is superfluous. No doubt it seemed useful at the time they thought of it, but it’s been a bit slow in coming and is now just waste paper.

Later, I intend to do some shredding and watch Pointless.

Ah, shredding…

It took some doing. I hate to think how many sheets we did, but it took the two of us over an hour to do it, mostly by hand as the shredder didn’t show a lot of enthusiasm for the job.

When I took over managing the youth side of the club my first action was to cut the joining form down from three pages to one. With over 100 junior players that saved 200 sheets of paper straight off. I’m amazed at how much paperwork some people can generate. He, to be fair, was always of the opinion that I didn’t keep enough records. He was probably correct, but I did it for six years, never had a problem and, best of all, saved a few trees from being pulped.


There are now two bin bags of ripped paper in the hallway waiting to go out. We tried to put it all in one, but there was so much weight in it the bag started to rip.

After that we had tea and Battenberg cake, and relaxed with Pointless as a pigeon on the chimney pot filled the room with cooing.

I’m going to look for photos now, then will plan the evening meal after posting. I have had worse days.

I thought I’d adopt a cake theme for today.


18 thoughts on “A Relaxing Sort of Day

  1. tootlepedal

    Sounds like an ideal day. A bit of paper tearing and some cake. It’s all fun with you during the lockdown.

    I too thought the letter was pointless. Did anyone in the country not know about the contents already?.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    I’m with Laurie, the lunch sandwich sounds good!

    I heard many tales from my parents about the Great Depression. I don’t think we have come that close, just yet. I come from older stock – my mother and father were 47 and just shy of 50 respectively, when I was born. I heard a lot of tales from “the old days”.

  3. Laurie Graves

    A mushroom and tomato sandwich sounds oh so good. And cake. Yes, cake. I haven’t been to a grocery store for over month. Believe it or not, I miss just popping in and choosing what I want.

  4. Donnalee of Kingston NY

    Cake is a good theme, and you reminded me that I forgot that we have tinned organic mushrooms that could have gone into lunch. Oh well–it was all cooked fresh vegetables over rice pasta, so it wouldn’t have matched. Next meal may be all tins and frozen though–

      1. Donnalee of Kingston NY

        There is some article online that shows the eight signs of food being too bad to eat from a tin, and it was pretty interesting. I have a few that are oldish, and always wonder at what point is it genuinely no good–I also have jars of pasta sauce that the company stopped making maybe five years back, and even though they are intact and sealed, I just don’t know how to know if it’s all good, so I don’t try.

      2. quercuscommunity

        Well, they certainly won’t get any better from being left.. I reckon if it smells OK and isn’t bubbling you are probably OK. I once ate a yoghurt that was bubbling. It was a poor decision, as I carried on bubbling for several days…

      3. Donnalee of Kingston NY

        That’s not the kind of yoghurt maker that sells well online, although…you could get a post office box, say, and run ads for it, and specify cash-only. Well, by ‘you’ I mean that someone could do something like that if they were completely without scruples.

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