The Plan So Far…

Got up, got dressed, got wet…

The blood test went well and the blood seemed to flow well after the needle was withdrawn, so I’m hopeful all will be well with the results.I managed to get back to the parking machine within 30 minutes so my parking was free, which is always a bonus.

Work went well, we sent 17 parcels off and finished in good time. I was able to use the shop lights to photograph some bits for the presentation, which was good becasue they are better than the ones at home.

That’s it so far, but at least I’ve managed a few bits of the plan.

I see that the crocuses are coming out and there is blossom on the trees. I hope the forecast snow at the end of the week doesn’t do too much damage.

That’s all I can come up with at the moment. It was warm during the day but it is getting colder. All I can think is that I am cold hand have to do the washing up before Julia returns Β home.

We had falafel sandwiches for lunch – sliced falafel, mango chutney and cucumber. I prefer cheese, or tuna, but it’s a pleasant enough combination and it’s doing less harm to the environment than fishing or dairy. It’s probably healthier and less fattening too so it really is a win-win situation. I just can’t rid myself of the yearning for cheese and pickle.

Postage is going up to 76p for First Class and 65p for Second. That’s a rise of 6p and 4p, which when I was at school was around 8.5% and 6.5%. This is supposedly to help Royal Mail maintain efficiency (I write this on a day when we had to compensate a customer for a lost parcel). The 6.5% is supposedly in line with the Consumer Price Index, but the last fix I can get on that is 1.8%, which is quite a lot less.

It strikes me that Royal Mail should use some of its extra money to hire more accurate accountants, or recruit some better liars for the PR department.

Edward Lear Stamps (1988)

Edward Lear Stamps (1988)

16 thoughts on “The Plan So Far…

  1. Helen

    I like the Edward Lear stamps. Not the rise in the price of stamp. Should have given my mum her birthday card instead of sending it through the post closer to the actual day. At least you didn’t pay for parking at the hospital 😊.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, if we are to be ripped off by government and big business it should be done with style and panache. Don’t tell me you need more money for efficiency and staff wages, tell me you put the pension fund on black at Monte Carlo.


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